The Good, Bad
And The Ugly

We're celebrating everything boyfriends with Kate Walsh this month at SheKnows. Today she shares her earliest celebrity crushes -- and why she found them so irresistible.

The good

Teen Beat

When I was 10, I had posters of Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson over my bed. Every night before I turned out the light and went to sleep I would blow a kiss to each of them. Parker and Shawn were like angels looking over me.

I wish I could say that Shawn Cassidy was my first celebrity crush, but the truth is, I had had my share of celebrity crushes before. Oh, there were others!

The good

Bobby Brady: Loved him

  • He had brown hair, blue eyes and eventually wore braces. That was the trifecta of everything hot for me.
  • He was the same age as me -- or at least he seemed to be -- so for me, I had a chance with him.
  • He had freckles. Did I mention that I love freckles?
  • If his blended family could make it, then I had hope for my own future with divorced parents.
  • He had a really cool mid-century house with that bitchin' staircase. I wanted to live in that house with him and his cute stepmom Carol and Alice and Sam-the-butcher and the dog, too. I wanted the whole package.
  • Also, he seemed to have great relationships with his older siblings, whereas mine alternately smoke pot on the lawn or tortured me.

Speed racerThe bad... or am I bad?

Speed racer and Racer X. I loved them both, equally and in different ways. Creepy, because obviously Racer X was speed's bro. But that didn't matter... I loved them both, dammit!

  • Racer X was an outcast -- a loner -- and at age 6, I didn't understand it, but that turned me on.
  • Rex Racer had a wicked jawline.
  • International spy: come on.
  • Great architectural crib.
  • Speed had fierce hair, and it always looked good.
  • Intense eyes, geez! And when he drove, he was so focused… there's nothing sexier than someone with sick talent.
  • You had me at the red bandana.
  • Also, Speed's eyelashes were inspirational.
  • And, since he was a cartoon character, he had a great complexion.

Eddie MunsterThe ugly

Let's be clear: I never thought he was ugly, but as soon as I would confess to anyone that I had had a crush on Eddie Munster, they would usually shriek, "Eww, he's so ugly!" But I loved Eddie Munster and thought he was a stone cold fox.

  • Brunette, pale skin, blue eyes, freckles… sense a pattern here?
  • He was the youngest of his family; I was the youngest.
  • He was a vampire and in a family of freaks, I totally identified.
  • He had a widow's peak, and so did I, but not as intense as his.
  • I thought he had great style and particularly enjoyed his neckties

I had never questioned my taste in men as a child, but now, looking back I definitely see some patterns, some good, some not. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Now that I've laid my soul bare, it's your turn! Who did you crush on as a kid? Any interesting patterns to reflect on?

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Comments on "Kate Walsh: My first celebrity crushes"

PJ November 30, 2010 | 12:52 PM

I'm so much older that all of you.. my crush was Paul Anka, then Ringo, the Mel Gibson.. now I think Jason Aldean and Toby Keith are my grown-up crush. My cartoon crush would be Thor.350

Kelly November 29, 2010 | 10:08 AM

I named my dog Eddie Munster! Definetly cute.

Rachael November 29, 2010 | 8:46 AM

Too funny...don't think I ever crushed on a cartoon. Did have a poster of Justin Timberlake above my bed when I was 9 and kissed it every night...yeah. Oh, and little me(probably about 6 years old) wanted to marry and go chase after aliens with Mulder from The X-Files.

Cammie Byrd November 29, 2010 | 8:41 AM

Hi Kate,I've always had a thing for dark haired men.My first celebrity crushes were brothers Donny and Jay Osmond.Of course there were a few light haired guys I had the hots for.For instance,Shawn Cassidy and Parker Stevenson and the late great Andy Gibb.Not to mention his younger brother Robin.I watched way too much tv as a kid.Today I have mad crushes on Patrick Dempsey and Michael Easton(John on One Life To Live)

enson8502 November 29, 2010 | 8:21 AM

lol Kate you are so funny!!! My first celeb crushes are french, so I doubt people here will know them. I was in love with Dorothée (Club Dorothée on AB1). And I was pretty much in love with the five spice girls lol

Anna November 20, 2010 | 5:15 AM

OK, can you please keep on writing those blogs forever??? Seriously, so good to read you :) Was a kid in the 90's and in that's maybe why I never "met" Speed Racer till now, but girl...he's pretty damn hot! Lol And Eddie Munster is really cute and he seems like a really smart guy ;) I had a really bad crush on this cartoon guy named Johnny when I was a kid.Also...Disney's Robin Hood:he really was a stone cold fox;) And then...Leonardo DiCaprio in Growing Pains:I think he actually looked better when he was a kid.

Sabs November 20, 2010 | 4:07 AM

Love it! =) I clearly remember the three hotties of my childhood. First, there was Nils Holgerson, the boy that got resized to about 2 inches and flew over Norway on the backs of a pack of goose making their way south for the winter. He had a cute little talking hamster (also resized and all the more cute for it) and got into the craziest adventures. Also, I think the nerd in me loved the pretty landscapes he flew over. That was easing in to the whole tv crush experience. It then hit full on with Sinbad the Sailor. I didn’t quite realize it until the show ended, but when it did I suddenly found myself sitting on my bedroom floor trying to make a drawing of him (how hard could it be?, he was one himself) to remember him by. He wore these cute Indian trousers, and like Nils was on a lonesome adventurer trying to deal with the world without his parents anywhere near. (Shrink away – is this the dream of the kid that comes from a non-broken, loving family and finds it kinda dull?) The summum of all crushes tho, was and still is Teddy Ruxpin. Also a cartoon. And a bear at that. But he had it all: he lived in a cute little house in the woods, had a genius and an 8 legged ‘8-legger’ for friends, as well as an elf family and what I still think is the greatest cartoon character ever invented: the Wooly What’s It. He travelled (yes, he too) in a flying boat with a balloon strapped to it, far and wide to collect mysterious crystals pictured on an old map that would lead him to an equally mysterious treasure; he saved a prince and princess in the process, turned over a UN kind of evil convention and had a loony neighbor that shot canons at him that never got within a 5 mile range of his house. His life was perfect. When this show ended I recognized the feeling. I felt just about confident enough to confess the crush to my best friend, who in turn was relieved to tell me she’d had the same experience with one of the ninja turtles. I wrote a letter to a national children’s songs program, triumphantly handing over to them the topic of their new hit song. I received a reply several months later, thanking me for the effort but stating that unfortunately they didn’t find a fit topic for a children’s song. I still think they were wrong.

Lala November 20, 2010 | 3:06 AM

Rob Lowe. Since I saw About Last Night in the '80's., has been my most enduring crush. I too grew up wig the Brady Bunch but I had a crush on Greg. He was so smooth and cool. And he was tall. I was tall at 12. I also secretly had a crush on Jan. I wanted her hair. :0

Doctor-Sarah November 19, 2010 | 8:40 PM

LOL!lovely and funny article.I remember you talked about this with Taye, Audra & Tim in Outside the box for the 2 season of PP.I laughed so hard and still laughing when I'm watching this video,the Eddy monster thing, so funny. I had, and still have a crush on Johnny deep in 21 jump street,this guy is so cute, I am jealous about his wife, she is the most lucky frenchie in the world,lol.(I"m a frenchie too :) )

Amanda November 19, 2010 | 7:10 PM

I'm a 90's kid so I went through the obligatory N'Sync, Hanson & Backstreet Boy crushes. Basically name any 90's boy band and I'm sure I had a crush on at least one member.

Calie (@Calie_paris) November 19, 2010 | 2:38 PM

Such a new funny article Kate !! You made me laugh a lot... Seing all the faces of your "crushes" is excellent... even if I don't know them actually ! (btw Bobby has nice brace ;p ) Here my first celebrity crushes : Don't know in wich category we can put him but I was totally in love with Mickael Jackson... I was 7 maybe a little bit more, and I was listening his music all day... And telling my parents that I will love him FOREVER, all my life !! Oh my God... (ok , I was young !) Then (and my pretty one) I had a big big crush on an italian singer, named Nek. WOW he had such beautiful and intense eyes.... and his voice haaaaa ! I wanted to become a singer just in order to meet him and marry him.... dreams dreams dreams !! (It was better for me to play the piano... than singing (and for my family's ears !!!) I remember me, in my bed, with his CD in my hands, and looking at his blue eyes.... Was dreaming for hours !! And then, I used to follow the adventures of a little boy named "Esteban" in a cartoon too.... This cartoon was such a wonderful one in France. I loved the music, and the stories (As I can't put a photo, check here: ) Esteban was my age, he had powers (could remove the clouds). As my parents just divorced, I wanted to go with him, to discover the cities of gold. On my one, as a big big girl. I wanted to write stories, (only nice stories with happy ends ;p)... Strange, as I'm a film maker now.... Sometimes, the wishes in our childhood become real... !! ;)

Ella November 19, 2010 | 2:18 PM

Thanks for sharing, that was cute and funny :) Your crush on a cartoon reminds me of my love for donald duck, I didn't have a crush on him let's be clear about that, I just found him cute and he made me laugh! Your crush on Eddie Monster literally made me laugh out loud. Ok, mine now :P John Stamos, from Full House, I had a thing for his hair and his gorgeous eyes. Robbie Williams, he's an english singer, I fell for him when I was 12, 12 years later he's still my number one. Patrick Swayze, he was too y for words, Christopher Masterson's character on Malcolm in the middle, he was always in trouble, a real cutie and James Marsters from Buffy.

Chocolatema19 November 19, 2010 | 1:10 PM

Wow! When you said that you had a crush on 'outside the box' I almost died, that's too funny! And the cartoon... Damn... I can't even relate to having a crush on a cartoon, that's a whole new era for me! LOL I never had crushes at that young of an age, I was a late bloomer I guess! I always fell for Justin timberlake, Johnny Depp, Orlando bloom, Lil Zane, Taye Diggs, Boris Kodjoe and usher. By this time I was in high school. Again, late bloomer! But I'm glad you shared, so I thought I'd share mine! :)

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