Traits Of A Great Boyfriend

Let's face it: There's nothing wrong with a good six pack -- and I'm not talking about Budweiser, ladies. However, (I just pushed my reading glasses up my nose) let's rise above contemplating the abs, glutes and pecs for a moment and reflect on the other attributes we appreciate in our boyfriends.

Woman laughing with boyfriend

1Funny man

I love to laugh. And who doesn't love a guy who can make you laugh? It's sort of a given for me. I'm Irish-Italian for cryin' out loud; I'm usually either laughing or crying, and I prefer the former. Any guy who can crack me up probably doesn't take himself too, too seriously, which is also a big turn-on., duh!

Smart is sexy, so give me a smarty pants any day of the week. I'll happily eat a plate of spaghetti and meatballs across the table while he speaks intelligently on any subject. Which brings me to listening...

3A good listener

I once dated a guy who listened like a documentary film maker... well, actually he was a documentary film maker. But, still, listening is key. No one wants to date a monologist. And really, ladies, at the end of the day, sometimes we just wanna be heard!

4Curious George

Curiosity is such a turn on. Any guy who is still interested in, baffled by and curious about life in general is forever hip and cool in my book. It's super-sexy and refreshing to be around someone who knows a lot but doesn't know everything and always wants to learn more.

5What you saidConsistency is cool

I love a guy who says what he does and does what he says. I'm all for moodiness, (I'm Moody McGee), but Jekyl and Hyde is only fun in the movies. We love someone we can count on.

So those are my five, and I could go on and on. But I wanna hear what you all think, so please comment. Tell me everything -- or at least everything about your 5 favorite non-physical boyfriend traits!

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Comments on "Top 5 non-physical traits we love in our boyfriends"

Juliana Reina November 18, 2010 | 2:09 PM

Really great blog Kate! I think you read my mind and wrote that!! LOL Everything that you said is ECXATELY what I aprecciate in a person! The only difference is that in my case isn't a BF but a GF! LOL Can't wait for your next blog! Xx Juliana

sarah28nz November 18, 2010 | 11:32 AM

great list, I would have to add... 6.)Humbleness.. They don't always have to be right! Nothing turns me off more than a guy who thinks he knows just a lil more about something than you. Listen and accept your girls ideas aswell. :)

Randyman November 18, 2010 | 6:52 AM

Good to know this Irish/Norwegian is doing a lest five thing right. Kate, I enjoy your creative expression in all its varied forms, including this blog. Thanks for tweeting the link. Always Randy (?;{D>

justincasek8 November 18, 2010 | 5:03 AM

hey your blog is great!!if i can put all 5 things together than we get a perfect man...but does the perfect man exist?i dont think so!!practiclly nobody is perfect!1)i need respect..u dont need to love but at least u respect me..2)he must know how say no too me (btw im leo)...3)intelligence know talking to me is big hit (i talk too much..4)funny man is big hit too bc if he cant accept joke or make one he is just statue for me lol...n this is it!! cant wait to read ur new blog xx Maja

Calie (@Calie_paris) November 18, 2010 | 2:41 AM

Kate, this blog is really good, and funny ! I love it ! OK, I will try to give you my top 5. (Sorry for my "academic" english...) Well, we all know that the ideal man doesn't exist and It's a chance... otherwise we all would be "running" after the same man! It's just the person that most closely matches our ideals ... (I push my reading glasses up my nose too Kate :p) As I am a libra, I can say that I'm always looking for balance and someone who can answer to my inspirations. Libra is selective in its choice of partner. (Man : Good luck ;D) 1) Protective, Strong : I think I need a strong man morally, but not overbearing. I prefer a man always on the lookout guard to protect rather than a dreamer always in the moon (I'm a dreamer, so I need someone different) I love strong man and with ambition. I like people who go above and beyond. 2) Intelligence : A smart guy who makes me want to listen to him for hours. I love learning and am curious about everything. A man who has ears! yes! it would be weird to listen for hours and could not get a word in conversation. I love the discussions and exchanges. So to have discussions, it's better if he 's a good listener too... 3) Good listener As I am a documentary film maker, (I have to focus on that point, Thanks kate ;p) a man who is a good listener will have my admiration. A woman has this enormous need to talk, to feel supported, understood. 4) Funny. A man who makes me laugh. I love to laugh, I could laugh all day. I am a great follower ! a man who loves to laugh and make me laugh = Bonus! But not a clown either, who likes to distract the audience ! Last one, but not least 5) nice eyes : A "beautiful" look: His eyes are important. It said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. The eyes reflect the emotions and can read the character and sentiments: His respect, honesty, gentleness and kindness ... I now have many ideas to write a movie. But Kate, promise me to play in? I can not imagine this film without you:) Thanks to be this nice person. Kisses from Paris.

tuscan_skies November 18, 2010 | 12:59 AM

Great blog! LMAO @ "I once dated a guy who listened like a documentary film maker... well, actually he was a documentary film maker" I agree with all the qualities you mention, probably even in the same order. Laughing is definitely key and I couldn't go without. One thing I really really need a guy to have is a PASSION. I need him to be passionate about something, anything! If so, he'll at least be able to undertstand my passion for for instance traveling. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to read the next blogs. xx Manon

RuthKj November 17, 2010 | 11:56 PM

1. Kind by nature. Never an ulterior motive. He goes out of his way to return a lost dog, give a lift, help the old couple next door. 2. Intelligent. This is a big one. Need him to be able to “get” things himself. From the finer points of a business deal to why I’m cranky today. Too much explaining can wear a woman out. I need him to join the dots. Be able to discuss, debate and decide. 3. Loyal. Another big one. If you nail your flag to a mast, it must fly proud. I need to know in my soul that he’s on my side. Like Little Bear in the film, it’s very nice to know that Big Bear will be there to roar from behind. 4. Honest. Never gives the slightest reason to doubt his word. Comes true every time. Also tells you the way it is - what you need to hear (not talking “does my butt look big in this” here!). 5. Can see the funny side. No bigger aphrodisiac than being helpless with laughter together. You can’t look at each other any more. Your stomach aches. Even in the face of adversary, he can recognise life’s little ironies and quirks. So this adds up to my perfect guy. Would also like to say that guys have every right to expect the same respect and favours in return. It's a two-way road. Looking forward to your next blog already - keep writing Kate! Ruth

Laree November 17, 2010 | 9:00 PM

I'm really enjoying your blogs Kate. You always manage to bring a smile and a laugh to my day. So, my top 5. Well they'd be your top 5 so I'm gonna add in 6-10 :) 6. Has a job. Even if he has a massive assed trust fund, a man who works because he wants to is incredibly y to me. The trust fund is kinda attractive too... :p 7. Is fit & healthy and likes to stay that way. I don't mean a muscle bound gym junkie who spends his spare time climbing the highest mountains, but someone who likes himself enough to want to take care of himself. 8. Can cook. Not open a can, but put a real meal together. Nothing fancy required, but must be willing to wear an apron. Nothing else needed 8-) 9. Must have great hands! Soft but strong. Manicured nails a bonus A callous or two is ok as it shows he's a hard worker. Hands must also be willing to massage. 10. Spontaneity is the spice of life. Must love surprises. Both organizing and receiving. Willing to take a risk and do something new, or head off for a weekend away on the spur of the moment. Little pleasures like surprising me with a lunch date or waking me with a kiss and a freshly run tub full of bubbles. Mmmmmm So there you have it, my top 10 ( including your top 5)!!! Laree :)) (via @lalatas)

milena pessoa November 17, 2010 | 7:02 PM

Ha... you said that you're having a ball bloggin here, guess who's having ball too, but about reading all these? Nice to met you. You just describe the boyfriend of my dreams. And as I still don't have one in real life, I 'll keep your top-5 traist in mind while I look for "the one guy" ;) Xx

Chocolatema19 November 17, 2010 | 6:57 PM

1. I love a sensitive man... I love when a man Can be tough and protective, but a man who can make me swoon with expressing himself is better to me than a man who can't be honest about how he feels or actually doesn't do feelings. 2. Creativity. I don't like doing the same things, So if a man keeps me guessing, surprises me and goes out of his way to impress me, I'm def all in! 3. Intellectual. I have when I go on a date and the guy sounds like he's from the hood! Come on! Talk like you have SOME education, I don't want to have to dumb down a conversation so he understand. A man that can hold a conversation with me, intellectually is DEF a turn on. 4. Understanding. I have had a horrible childhood and I am strong, but I also have my moments when I just clean break down. A man, that can understand, or at least try, and be there for me is a PLUS! Even if you don't understand, be there, talk with me about it, let me know its going to be okay, just understand that this is hard for me. 5. Respect. There is nothing worse than a man that's disrespectful! I mean seriously? Don't yell at me, call me names or talk down to me. I am a very strong woman, and disrespect is NOT tolerated! A respectful man, that acts like a gentlemen and not an A** is a winner in my book! Thanks for reading Kate! Your blog has been awesome! I hope you start one of your own one day, your tips and info on here is so refreshing! LaToya

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