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While dinner and a movie are an obvious choice for a date, it's probably not the best one for couples still getting to know each other in the earliest days of dating. Celebrity guest columnist Kate Walsh offers her alternative date ideas and dishes all things boyfriend during Boyfriend Appreciation Month on SheKnows.

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Dinner: Too much interaction

Think about it: If you're at dinner for an hour and a half or so -- especially if cocktails are involved -- you might just start revealing too much information about yourself, or worse, you might hear way too much information about him. Before you know it, you're beginning a sentence with "And when I was 4..."


Or how about that sexy fireman who finally asked you out? He might start telling you how he really feels about every little thing. After all, he just got into therapy for the first time in his life. Cue the Kleenex. For him.

And all you really want is for him to rescue you from a burning building or fix something or tell you that you look pretty. Oh. Wait. Is that just me?

Movies: Not enough interaction

Movies are great if you:

  1. Know the person really well and don't mind sitting in silence for 90 minutes.
  2. Don't really want to get to know him at all.
  3. Know him just enough to know that you'd rather sit in silence for 90 minutes.

try the "third Point of Focus"

A third point of focus is anything that is not about you, him or the date itself. In other words, try something new on your date and get busy. Activities are fun!

The first rule of activities: Keep them fun and playful. How about going to a driving range and hitting some golf balls? No clubs? No worries... Go miniature golfing.

Consider going to a museum and sharing your knowledge of art. Or let him tell you everything he knows about art, or about the time he lived in Spain for a year and his ensuing obsession with El Greco. See, you're swooning already. (Sorry, that's me again...)

Date ideas & other fun alternatives to a movie:

  • Bowling
  • Going for a hike with your dogs or his
  • Dancing at a salsa club
  • Checking out a rock band
  • Finding a local jazz performance

I'm a huge fan of physical activities (other than sex, people!) because they get you back to that childlike state of play, and your endorphins start firing and then everybody feels good. So get out there and enjoy your unique, creative and extra-fun date!

Have some more fun date ideas?

Share them below!

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Comments on "How to ditch the dinner-and-a-movie trap"

milena pessoa November 14, 2010 | 9:38 AM

I don't think dinners are good idea too. Big chance of having some dirt on the tooth, and depending on the person, this can be funny or extremely embarrassing. Probably it's better to wait to know which kind is the person, if he will laugh with or on you. Having fun is always the best option, as you said physical activities are good, endorphins and stuff.... but not too much, better avoid the roller coasters, you don't want to get sick on your date. Thanks Kate, Xoxo

Kate B. November 11, 2010 | 8:34 PM

Activities - excellent tip! Movies never made sense to me unless you really don't care about getting to know the person. I thought dinner at a casual restaurant (like a fast-food place or pizza place) would work, but learning too much too soon sounds awful. I lack dating experience, by the way. Miniature golfing and bowling are two very fun activities. For dating, I'll keep them in mind. Thanks, Kate!

Betsy November 08, 2010 | 1:13 PM

I love the zoo for first dates - takes so much pressure off and makes a lovely memory.

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