Breakup Recovery

There is only so much sulking and binge eating a girl can do post breakup before enough is enough! If you've peaked on self pity (or your best gal pals think you have), follow this breakup recovery prescription. Just one dose a day will help you stop recycling pain and start focusing on building a happier you. After 10 days, you will feel remarkably healed and uplifted. Chances are, you will be thinking, "What breakup?!"

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Breakup recovery days 6 to 10

Woman writing in diaryDay 6: Create a love board.

Using old magazines, photos, scrapbook materials or anything that inspires healthy, happy love for you, create a collage depicting your ideal relationship. By doing this exercise, you will take control of your relationship destiny, painting it how you want it to be. Refer to this visual when you need a booster shot of hope or as a reference tool to measure future relationships against.

Day 7: Explore a new interest.

Chances are, when you were coupled up, there were several times you thought of engaging in a new activity, but relationship life for one reason or another prevented it. Now is the time to delve into you! Sign up for a jewelry-making class, start taking yoga, join a book club -- something new and inspiring.

Day 8: Journal.

If you don't already have a journal, invest in one or create one online to capture your thoughts. On this day, write about all of the goodness in your being. Concentrate on what makes you happy and what makes you feel good about yourself.

Day 9: Schedule a girls-only rendezvous.

Gather your favorite gal pals -- those who have been your relationship/breakup support team -- for brunch, tea, drinks, whatever sounds fun and relaxing to you, and celebrate the day. Acknowledge them for being committed friends.

Day 10: Plan something to look forward to.

Perhaps you've been wanting to visit a long-distance friend or just a new neighborhood restaurant. What are you waiting for? Marking your calendar with future plans helps you to think positively about your single-girl life and provides plenty of welcome distractions.

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Cara August 18, 2010 | 10:46 AM

This is really helpful - the first couple of weeks are always the toughest! This is a very manageable and proactive list. Love it.

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