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Sex On Brain

Sex on the brain, can’t keep it in their pants, men are just cheatin’ fools. That’s our stereotype, isn’t it? That men are only interested in one thing, and when they’re not getting enough of it, or not getting it in the way they want, they stray. That may be true for some. But for most guys, infidelity is spurred not by a lack of sex, but by a lack of attention and appreciation.

How to fight infidelity

Does that mean you shouldn't pay attention to and nurture your sex life with your man? Of course not. Good sexual relations are important to a strong marriage. Of course, what defines "good" for one couple may be very different from what's "good" for another. You know when things are good in your bedroom.

Your secret weapons against his infidelity, however, aren't position number 23 or kinky things to do with chocolate. They are attention and appreciation.

Fight infidelity with Attention

Attention means not taking him for granted. Attention means you greet him with warmth and a hug when you or he come home at the end of the day. Attention means stepping away from reality TV, Facebook or your cell to really take in what he's doing -- and share and respond appropriately. You don't just go "Uh-huh" in that voice that means, "Yeah, OK, I recognize sound, but I couldn't care less about what you're saying."

And then there's the biggie: Appreciation. Workplace affairs are all about some co-worker appreciating your man's day-to-day, the ordinary stuff of his 24/7 life. Stuff by which you have long since become bored and don't stop to praise.

Fight infidelity with Appreciation

Appreciation is much more than thanking your guy for doing something nice for you. It's thanking him for doing things that are expected and routine, such as taking out the trash, or handing you that cup of coffee. Appreciation is encouraging and supporting his efforts at work, his hobbies and his goals.

Appreciation is reminding him of those things you love about him: His smile, his sense of humor, his gentleness with the kids. Appreciation is letting him know that you see what he is and does in the world. It's noticing how the new neighbor comes to him for advice, and how generously he gives it.

Stay awake to the worth of your man, and let him know you see it and admire it. You couldn't ask for finer secret weapons.

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Comments on "2 Best secret weapons against his infidelity"

Marc November 29, 2012 | 7:55 PM

I am a 29 year old man that just recently found out that my wife had an affair for 2 months. I wanted to share my thoughts on this topic because it seems all sites talk about MEN CHEATING. I do work a lot, and I do blame myself for what happened. I'm obviously investing myself to try and figure things out to work things out with the women I believed to be the most honest, genuine beautiful human being. All I can say is that I knew we were not 100%, but I had no clue it was as bad as it was. I can blame her for not talking about it, but really I blame myself for not asking. If you love your partner you should inquire about their happiness and tackle issues with an open mind. I vowed to love her through better or worse and I will do everything I can to see this through. I'm being honest about my emotions with her and I have to admit that I am insecure now about a lot of things. I require recognition for the basic things and I can't get enough of her showing me she is thinking about me. All this to say that this "secret weapon" against infidelity is also true in fixing infidelity because that is all I need right now. I might not be like every guy out there, and I would never cheat on my wife ... all I ever wanted was to be loved and being happy to love someone the same way. My happy ever after seems to have gotten much harder to reach !

Erin July 24, 2012 | 1:05 PM

I agree with Emma - men need to feel respected and women need to feel love. That being said, though, if a women doesn't greet her man at the door everyday or always show appreciation, it's still not a reason to cheat! See a counselor or see what you can do to change the relationship, together.

Emma May 17, 2012 | 4:49 PM

Sensi makes a great point, respect is a huge thing for a man. If you aren't showing your man respect (attention and appreciation) then he will find it somewhere else. Women are just as much about as men are, but we crave love. If he doesn't get respect and we don't get love, then the relationship with break down.

Joy November 15, 2011 | 2:55 AM

What if he assure me that the workplace relationship is nothing to him, and that i should not worry at all and soon i will get to understand everything because he swears to love me so much. I see the sincerity but still am having difficult time to deal with it. what could be reasons behind this. why all this? is he playing game at work?

Renee October 30, 2011 | 6:12 PM

What happens when you give him all of your attention and show appreciation every chance you can, yet he still cheats?

Sensi October 03, 2010 | 5:18 PM

What about respect? A man who get no respect from his woman won't stay faithful forever.

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