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Wedding websites used to be something only for the techiest of tech couples. After all, who else would have the time or know-how to create their own website. But today, almost all engaged couples create their own wedding website. Sites like have special tools for brides and grooms to create their own wedding website, even choosing their own custom domain name. But, with the influx of new wedding websites, comes an influx of questions about what's supposed to be on the site, and what's the best way to create one. Read on and get started on building your own wedding website.

Wedding website

How to Create your own wedding site

Most wedding planning websites, like allow you to create a free wedding website. It keeps you coming back to their site, and introduces their site to your friends and guests. The one downside of these sites though is that their names can be a little long and hard to remember. However many sites such as offer (for a small fee) w custom domain name. The name can be anything you like that's easy to remember.

State the Facts

You sent out a Save the Date, you sent out an invitation, why should you put your info down one more place? Well, think about your friends! Do you really think your college roommate knows where she put the invitation? What about your computer-guru cousin, does he bother with anything on paper? So many people rely on their smart phones and laptops to get info, putting the info on your website will save you from getting annoying, last minute phone calls.

YES! Include Your Registry!

After being told all the places you shouldn't include your wedding registry info, isn't it a relief to find out where you can put it? This is one of the greatest features of wedding websites. You can put your registry info, and even include a link directly to the registry or store!

Remember This Is Public

Your wedding website is a great place to put info about pre-parties, showers,and post-parties. But, remember, all your wedding guests have access to the site. So, if cousin Harold isn't invited to the post-party, don't put the info on your site. Same goes for the wild bachelorette party pictures.... Enough said!!

Go Easy on The Gushy Stuff

These sites typically offer templates that encourage you to tell your "how we met" and "engagement" stories. You can also upload photos of the two of you. But remember, a little goes a long way. Yes, everyone wants to know how you met, but not everyone wants to learn every detail of your romance. Or scan through 500 pictures of you and your sweetie pie! Your wedding and all the events surrounding it give you a lot of time to be in the spotlight, take it a little bit at a time.

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Comments on "Create your wedding website"

Wedding Websites June 02, 2010 | 10:55 AM

I would suggest checking out Nearlyweds to see their templates. The thing that's great about them is that the templates match wedding invitations. So you can send out wedding invitations that match you website and have guests RSVP there to save money. The sites are beautiful. Love love love them,

Jess June 01, 2010 | 9:44 PM

thanks for the great tips above. especially about the personal details. it is SO easy to get overly gushy. for our wedding website we're using depositagift and it is also our registry. it is super simple to use and had the exact kind of registry we were looking for: a cash gift registry that has allowed us to show our guests what we would like to buy as soon as we have a permanent home and place to put everything. since we are having a destination wedding and have family all over the continent it has really helped keep things simple, yet personal at the same time. plus, we were looking for a green concept...we didn't want to start of our marriage being wasteful, and this site is perfect. can't say enough good things.

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