Is He A Moocher?

Does your man only show up at meal time, often forget his wallet, or ask you to run his errands for him? Chances are, you've got a money sucking moocher who is not only wasting your cash but your time and your good lovin' too. See our list of criteria to determine if your man is into you or what you have – making him a mooch – if he qualifies as such a parasite, save your sanity and your bank account and give this guy the boot!

Man with empty wallet

He's designed a date payment rotation plan

And on his cycle (surprise surprise) his dates are always remarkably low- to no-cost – things such as picnics, a walk on the beach or a cuddly DVR night in. However, on your nights to put up, he suggests the latest and greatest restaurant, bar or club in town, or "Hey, how about we catch the Laker game tonight?"

Your fridge is practically his fridge

Like clockwork, every time your stomach rumbles, simultaneously your doorbell rings, and who's there? None other than your man, there to raid your fridge. Moochers are always on the prowl for free food, so when it's feeding time, you can expect to see him.

He forgets his cash

If you've considered a wallet chain, it's perfect gift for your guy, because he just so happens to forget his all the time. If you're left with the bill more than once, this is the mark of a moocher. Another key sign – on more than a few occasions, his credit card has mysteriously "declined."

he asks you to make pitstops

You are on your way home from a long day at the office. Your sweet-talking beau calls and asks, "Babe, would you mind swinging by the store and picking me up a few things?" He then proceeds to list a half a dozen or so toiletry-like items.

Your house becomes a laundromat

Your laundry and dry cleaning pile get bigger by the week. What once was a delicate load of lingerie has now become dominated with boxers and mismatched sweat socks. When you go to pick up your dry cleaning, inexplicably included are a few men's dress shirts and a suit jacket.

He uses you for fashion

You are invited to a semi-formal affair – a wedding, work event, etc. Your man, of course, would love to go with you, but sadly claims he has nothing to wear. He's happy to go but you will have to spring for a new outfit. The fact you've been picking up dry cleaning for months, for some reason, escapes your mind.

Your friends say he's a mooch

You deny it, but then when you do a simple balance sheet calculation mapping out the give and take in your so-called "relationship," the "take" column is glaringly blank. Sure, maybe he has hit a financial roadblock, but would it kill him to clean house or cook for you, or does he really need to camp out at your place all day working on a butt print in your sofa?

He's eager to move in

All of a sudden you are living together, without ever having had the declarative, romantic "Let's take the next step and move in together" talk. He just took over a few drawers and badah boom badah bing, he's your rent-free roomie.

He's slick

He knows every trick in the book to get something for free. He'd rather take a government check than work. He's the first to find a lawsuit for nothing. He doesn't take pride in earning what he receives.

He lives beyond his means

I.e. he eats at nice restaurants without you, goes on a weekend getaway with the guys, buys a nice watch, but when it comes to the basics, he is totally reliant on you.

If you had a pair of designer shoes for every time he told you that things were going to change soon – that he was trying to make things "different" and that "if he had the world he would give it to you – you could compete with Carrie Bradshaw for most impressive footwear collection.


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Comments on "11 signs your man is mooching off of you"

chrissy March 16, 2014 | 4:45 PM

my boyfriend and i pretty much started living together from day one. he's 21, and i am 23. i am in college, he is not. the only thing we've ever fought over is he not chipping in. his mother used to pay his rent when he lived with his friends, since he moved in with me, she just gives us food she's cooked and toliet paper and laundry detergent every time we see her. she lives 3 hours away from us. if i kick him out, we will have to break up because he'd move back with her. my mother hates him because he is a free-loader. i would just dump him, but he finally got a part-time job at a restaurant and after me -------- about it, he has agreed to start giving me $100 every two weeks. i respect is attempt, but i pay every bill in this house. we never go on dates unless i plan on paying for us both. when we first started dating, the only dates we ever went on were with his mother and we only went because she was paying. his family did bring me on vacation to florida last summer for a few days, but it still doesn't add up. he occasionally cleans but only when he can tell that i am angry. he usually plays battlefield instead. i've grown to resent him so much that i can't even sleep with him anymore. i want to kick him out but then he'll blame me for losing his first job. whenever i'd bring up him not chipping in enough, he'd fire back saying "I'm just not rich enough for you. Why don't you just dump me and find a rich dude." And "You go shopping at sephora every week!" I don't want a rich dude, i want someone i don't have to take care of. Also, i feel that I should be able to go shopping whenever i want because it is my money. It's like he expects me to not shop and to save whatever money I have left after paying the bills for him. He and his family are so religious, they don't see it as a bad thing. I think they think that because we are in love and in a relationship that it is my duty to support him. I feel guilty for dumping him just because he can't support himself and help pay the bills around here, but it isn't fair on me.

mymanisamooch May 16, 2013 | 5:12 PM

When I met him he was employed and he paid for things and didn't seem like the type. Then he was fired. Over the years he went through jobs and was laid off quite a bit. My kids loved him and he was great company, but I would have to demand that he pay his fair share and he would have no problem taking a $100 bill of mine to the store to get stuff I asked for then not return the change. Little stuff that over time has made me grow resentful. When he lost his last job, I just said it would help me if he made dinner and make my kids lunches and do stuff around the house while he works part time, but that lasted about 2 months. Now he is laying around doing nothing that I can see, so I just told him I'm leaving. And I found a new place today. I do love him and like his company, but if he wants to see me, he will have to support himself and ask me out on dates and pay for them now. Enough is enough.

greg September 09, 2011 | 9:10 AM

hey sounds like a lot of women i know too so these symptons fit just exactly for the same as a women as a man just worth noting

Old Lady August 07, 2011 | 6:52 AM

Silly Girls ,the worse expression to hear is `but I love him' OMG!! what suckers must be desperate for a man!

bill December 24, 2010 | 6:40 AM

HAHAHAHA, how does it feel ladies to get some of your own medicine?!

Friend's daughter September 13, 2010 | 12:31 PM

My friend's daughter lives off of the child support for her son. She has allowed a platonic male friend and his son to move in a few months ago because she felt sorry for him having no place to go and his car with illegal tags finally kicked the bucket. As of today, he still has no car and no job. He claims that his food stamps contribute to the household to feed two adults and two children. He helps clean only when the daughter tells to do so. When left to babysit, Mr. Moocher leaves her baby in the care of his 12 year old son or else in a high chair so that he can play on Facebook without interruption. One day my friend walked in to discover that the baby had been begging to be let out of the high chair for over an hour and he also had a dirty diaper on another occasion. Meanwhile, Mr. Moocher didn't move an inch away from the computer when it was brought to his attention. Yet when Mr. Mooch is around my friend's daughter, he acts like a doting father to her child. Mr. Mooch has TALKED about finding a job. However, all he ever does is sleep half the day, and then sit on the couch watching TV/playing on Facebook the remaining part of the day. My friend who is the daughter's mother has tried to talk sense to her about this guy, but the daughter gets defensive and wants to blame my friend for not being supportive and a trouble maker. Now, my friend has started to move her things from the home because her daughter told her to leave. Now the Mooch and his son are still living there and have already taken over my friend's bedroom even though she has not been able to finish removing her belongings. Her things have been thrown into a closet. My advice has been that by my friend leaving, her daughter will eventually deal with the situation herself since she will no longer have her mother to blame for everything. She will also not have the mother there to babysit and clean up after them. In time, her daughter should get tired of dealing with this mooch man and his son on her own. Do you think that was good advice?

fishbourne June 03, 2010 | 5:05 PM

My granny would saw fish or cut bait. as he isn't helping, and is only bringing you down what is the point of keeping him. Unless he is the best in the world, kick him out. You can do better. Why should he work if your supporting him? My granny would say he's a good for nothing lout. Your only mistakes were letting him move in and getting pregnant, don't make it worse by letting him trash your whole life.

Nicole kubsh June 03, 2010 | 3:22 PM

my friend hooked me up with a guy we hanged out and every thing than he decided to move into my apartment with out asking me if it is ok with me that he moves in with me. He eats my food that i get so when i run out of food i starve.He smokes all of my cigs so when i run out im screwed.He lives with me for free he does not want to get a job.Now im pregnant with his kid.And he haves a dog in my apartment i have to pay $25 extra for it and i have to pay for the dog food.And his gas. its been 6 to 7 months now since he wont find a job at all. He sleeps and plays video games and eats my food and wic that i get.Iam sick and tired of it i can not take it any more...But i have a kid with him what should i do now? And i wasnt planing it at all he was..

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