Bedroom Blues

Losing interest in sex when you've been in a relationship for awhile, and even if you haven't, can be frustrating and even embarrassing. You want to experience your partner intimately and of course, your partner does too! If you've lost interest in sex with your partner, how can you find out what is behind it? What can you and your partner do?

A lackluster libido can cause some serious tension between you and your partner. He wants it; you don't. He always initiates; you would rather watch Desperate Housewives.

It can get frustrating -- on both sides. Our SheKnows Love & Sex experts, Dan Baritchi and Jennifer Hunt of, talked to some insiders to answer the question: Why have I lost interest in sex, and what can my partner and I do to fix it?


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Comments on "Why have I lost all interest in sex?"

Amy June 23, 2013 | 2:46 PM

My husband and I have been married 45+ years and in all those years we only had once. He told me was disgusting, pointless, meaningless, messy, smelly and wish's to never have it again. he can't understand why two people would want to something so gross to each other. I was instructed to leave him alone and never speak to him again. He also volunteered to work the midnight shift so he didn't have to sleep or be near me. The only time we say some thing to each other is when we go to the tax person, and that is nothing more than Hi or BYE.

amanda April 27, 2010 | 10:43 PM

that is exactly what i am going through to.. its hard and it is effecting my relationship to.. someone please help us

ashley coldiron March 12, 2010 | 3:34 PM

Me and my husband have been together for 5 years and we have no kids.. I work all the time and never come on to him and it makes him so mad.. but I dont know what to do any more because im not in the mood and he is.. it is affecting ou relationship.. Please someone help.. he feels that i dont want him and that im cheating on him and all of this but its not like that at all.. any ides

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