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Let's be candid for a second... People use lube. They might not talk about it, but -- let's face it -- sometimes lubes are necessary, and sometimes they just add more fun to sex. Whether you're using a sexual lubricant to quell discomfort or to add some spice to your sex sessions, here's how to find the perfect lube for you.

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Wet Together

Wet Together

What the packaging says: 'Become one... together'

What we thought: This is going to be an adventure. And, we were right. He uses one, and you use the other. When you put them together, supposedly an explosion happens. Although no such thing occurred, the experience wasn't bad at all. Mixing chemicals can be intimidating though, so maybe psychological issues might've been at play.

Overall lube rating: B-

Astroglide Natural

Astroglide Natural

What the packaging says: 'Real pleasure lasts longer... naturally' 

What we thought: We're not sure what that package slogan means. All we know is that this product is an all-natural personal lubricant. Regardless of the plain packaging with lack of immense sexual detail, we were pleasantly surprised. (Come to think of it, we kind of like that the packaging wasn't overly cheesy like the others. Makes it a little less embarrassing to buy.)

Overall lube rating: A-

Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love

What the packaging says: 'Making love sustainable'

What we thought: Although this organic personal lubricant felt pretty good, we weren't pleased by its scent. Cinnamon vanilla is just not something you want to smell during lovemaking. The company also makes a lavender rose -- but we'd probably come to the same conclusion with that one. Perhaps the brand's Almost Naked flavor would be best -- we're guessing that's the unscented one? We'll know for next time.

Overall lube rating: C

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Comments on "Which lube is right for you?"

Elixir January 30, 2011 | 10:19 PM

Just wanted to add, as it doesn't appear to be mentioned specifically in your reviews, that there are both oil-based and water-based lubricants available, and although some claim that the oil-based are completely "natural" (think olive oil, here, girls) it has commonly been found that such oil-based lubricants do, indeed cause some minor (and even occasionally major) discomfort, so be persistent enough to try a Water-based lube (even a "non-natural" or "synthetic" one, despite how that sounds, these can actually be SAFER alternatives) if the oil-based one didn't leave you feeling satisfied. Some have tried even basing a water-based lube, such as the "Lifestyles" one I recommend from Ansell over the top of a pre-oiled, but now dry, glistening erection. This combines the best of both worlds, but of course some say the perfectly natural saliva from your mouth will work well. This may raise questions about the flavour and edibility of the lube you choose. Above all, don't be afraid to experiment. Life is after all, a journey. E.

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