Turkey Day Romance

A lot of people believe that Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving unless you spend it stuffing yourself silly with food, surrounded by annoying uncles and aunts. But for couples without children or whose families are far away, Thanksgiving can be a wonderful opportunity to spend some romantic time together without distractions. So skip all of the stress this Thanksgiving and plan a special day for just the two of you with one of the ideas below.

Romantic Dinner at Home

Cook a meal together for two

While playing hostess to your in-laws and simultaneously cooking a Thanksgiving meal for 10 may seem like a recipe for panic attack, cooking a turkey together with your best guy is filled with sexy opportunities. Envision sipping wine together as you stir the cranberry sauce and let your imagination run wild!

Have someone cook a meal for you

For those of you who think cooking is a chore rather than a delight, there's nothing like enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner out on the town. Simply make a reservation, show-up and voila! While other women are spending the day slaving over a stove, you and your man can enjoy all of the pleasures of eating a five-course, candle-lit meal with none of the work.


Stay at a B&B

Holidays are so few and far between, why not extend your Thanksgiving into a Thanks-weekend and spend four days being thankful you're not at home? 

Go somewhere warm

Or even better, chuck the idea of a traditionally chilly Thanksgiving and relax the weekend away, basking in the sun at a tropical resort. The trees may not change color in Florida or the Bahamas, but there is still a lot of holiday cheer to be found there.

Watch a parade

You don't even need to go anywhere to enjoy a romantic Thanksgiving. Sipping hot chocolate and holding hands together while watching a local parade can be just as lovely.

Or snuggle on the couch

Don't even get dressed! Thanksgiving is one holiday that's made for sleeping in, so don't hesitate to ignore that alarm for once. You can always TiVo the parade and watch it later.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

For couples in pursuit of the true meaning of Thanksgiving, soup kitchens and charity organizations are always in need of volunteers on the holiday when attendance is even higher than usual.

Go see a movie

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is going out to the movies with my boyfriend, just the two of us.

Tell us: what's the most romantic holiday you ever spent? Comment below!

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Comments on "Romantic Thanksgiving date ideas"

Chris Taylor November 23, 2010 | 6:42 PM

Hubby & I get up early & start frying turkeys for our friends. It's a great way to spend some quality time while the bird is in the fry. Every hour a bird goes in the fry. The last one get taken to my sister's for family dinner

mayor November 26, 2009 | 2:42 AM

i love that and i want more

Richard Jordan November 24, 2009 | 8:15 AM

Many houses of worship DO NOT run "soup kitchens", which is a generic reference. Our church has opened its doors to ANYONE who is alone or homeless or who just wants a nice lunch. Just "showing up" to volunteer actually can be counterproductive, just call, or respond to an ad in Craig's List or elsewhere, do be generous for a couple of hours, but volunteers need to be coordinated, so please do find a local house of worship and ask if help is needed. sometimes a donation of food can actually be just as useful as help. Richard Jordan

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