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They say a good man is hard to find, and many a single woman can attest to that. If you're looking for love in all the wrong places, try some of these hot locations instead: The 10 best cities to meet eligible bachelors.

Where the boys are



Austin, Texas

Searching for a cowboy to ride off into the sunset with you? There's no better place than Austin. This laid-back city offers a rockin' cultural vibe with one of the best music scenes this side of the Rio Grande and — more importantly — a male-female ratio of 106 to 100. Yippee kai yay, cowgirl.


San Diego, California

They don't call it "Man" Diego for nothing. This breezy beach town is full of surfers, sailors and fly boys who keep themselves in great shape for their time in the sand. Seeking someone a little more, shall we say, "settled?" The wealthy enclave of La Jolla is right next door.


Denver, Colorado

Yearning for the rugged arms and charms of a mountain man? Join the mile-high club in the Mile-High City. Denver offers gorgeous scenery and plenty of outdoor activities as well as a thriving downtown area — perfect for hot dates with a cool guy.


San Francisco, California

Get your own San Francisco treat in this beautiful NorCal city. San Fran is chockfull of highly educated, successful bachelors with a penchant for cultural activities. Bonus: Hiking up all those hills gives them great butts!


Raleigh, North Carolina

Full of Southern charm, this third of the science research triangle is the perfect place to conduct your own chemistry experiment. Find your man at a Duke game or at one of the city's many museums.


Arlington, Texas

If you're seeking a man who knows the importance of giving back, check out Arlington. Men in this city give a high proportion of their disposable income to charities, according to a 2007 Men's Health report. And with a super-low divorce rate, the cash they do have left over is spent on their special ladies instead of alimony.


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Don't worry about the cold, snowy winters — the high male-female ratio in Minneapolis ensures you'll always have someone to keep you warm. When the weather heats up, you'll find that the dozens of bike trails and walking paths around the city's parks and along the Mississippi riverfront are prime hunting grounds for your Mr. Right.


New York City, New York

The moniker "The City That Never Sleeps" does not mean "The City That Never Sleeps With You." The five boroughs of New York City are teeming with single men. Despite the economic downturn, NYC still attracts throngs of investment bankers and creative types who are looking for that special someone to help them take a bite of the Big Apple.


Arlington, Virginia

Think smart (and rich) is sexy? Head out to Arlington, where scientists and politicos make up a huge chunk of the 42 percent of the area's single population. Tons of nightlife options mean your gainfully employed selves will never lack for date ideas.


Atlanta, Georgia

Mild climate, hopping nightlife and a stable economy attract lots of eligible bachelors to Hotlanta. Beautiful ladies like you keep them there. The Southern gentlemen in this sultry city know how to show a belle a good time, all the time.


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Comments on "10 Best cities to meet eligible bachelors"

durhambound July 02, 2011 | 2:49 PM

Thank you Aya and oobunillaoo. I've been deciding between Austin and Durham for grad school. Looks like Austin may be winning out.

aya April 15, 2011 | 6:57 PM

um, you lied about raleigh. 1st, as one of the last posters mentioned, duke is in durham, and if you're in raleigh you'd best be talking up nc state. also, the whole triangle is a college area. yes, there are lots of boys, but because most are from elsewhere they aren't thinking about doing anything permanent. the days where ppl met each other at college and got married are over. it's possible to meet someone in grad school who's a bit more settled, but you'll have to vie for their time between work and school

g January 21, 2010 | 3:13 PM

I believe atlanta is probably one of the worst cities to meet men in. We were just ranked the iest city and san francisco wasnt even on the list. I would send a very big CAUTION to women who move her trying to find a relationship.

oobunillaoo July 29, 2009 | 2:40 PM

regarding number 5 (raleigh, nc) you'd be hard pressed to catch "him" watching a duke game in raleigh. duke is in durham, another "third of the scientific triangle." the boys in all three parts of the triangle are unlike anywhere else i've lived in the world.

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