Is He Into You?

I like to think that it's easy to know that a man doesn't like you. I read that book, "He's Just Not That Into You," and I'm sorry, I think it should be obvious if he isn't. Do you need someone to smack you in the head?

Even still, many women struggle with this when they're dating someone new. But instead of figuring out the signs that he doesn't dig you, let's pinpoint the signals that is very much into you. Let's go with the more positive approach. Where do you begin, you ask? Here's a checklist:



He Calls When He Says He Will

If the guy you just met or are currently dating says, "I'll give you a call," and he does, you are in. If he says he'll give you a ring and doesn't, just delete him off your phone or label his number "don't answer."

You might get a call for him days or weeks after he said he was going to, but that only means you're like a back-up friend to hang out with while everyone else is busy. Drop him like a bad habit.

He Texts You Something Sweet While He's Super-Busy

He might be at work or having dinner with a group of friends, but the boy who is into you will text you hello. He might not have anything with substance to say, but he will still contact because he's thinking of you. Now there's a sure sign he digs you.

He Asks You Out

As obvious as this is, some girls forget this. They resort to asking boys out because they think someone may be too shy or boys just aren't good with planning. The boy who likes you will set aside his dating phobias and come out of his shell, and ask you out. If he's not into you, he'll likely avoid the prospect of a date. Duh.

He Plans

Even if he's not a major planner, the boy who likes you will become one. He'll think of fun things for you to do and invite you to some great outings. He wants to show you a good time because he wants you to continue hanging out. He doesn't want to disappoint you, so you're in good hands.

He Walks You to Your Door

It may sound old-fashioned, but the boy who really likes you will make the effort to show you how a gentleman should treat a lady. He'll pick you up, take you out, and at date's end walk you to the door. He won't assume that you'll invite him in, but will be stoked to be in that position. If you don't invite him in -- and on the first date, you probably shouldn't -- he'll walk to your door and give you a sweet, gentle kiss good night. At this point, it'll be obvious, not only does he respect you, he also likes you.

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Comments on "5 Signs to know if he likes you or not: Guys decoded"

SW March 27, 2014 | 11:46 PM

Hi, I'm met this guy and we started chatting for a short period of time and we went out once, initially I thought he wasn't the kind who likes to reply text often so I just stopped texting him. After a while I try text him again and it turned out to be quite a sweet moment cause he has been flirting with me. It lasted a while until recently he stopped replying again. I thought maybe I should make a move instead of following "rules" so I decided to ask if he's free for dinner or anything. He replied saying maybe we should hang out sometime this week cause weekdays his schedule is always pack. But he didn't call or text. I'm quite tired of his on and off I really don't understand what's going on. Should I just forget about him and focus on other people?

Fatima July 10, 2013 | 6:51 AM

Hey i'm Fatima and i go to Middle school and there's this guy i like he like she back and he already ask me out to a date but he said he wanted to kiss me but i said that we couldn't yet help me what should i do!!!!

Mia November 26, 2012 | 7:32 PM

I dated the man I love over two years ago, after crushing on him for several years previous. I ended it because he always let me down, made excuses to not see me and in the end I couldn't put up with it. I didn't hear from him, then out of the blue two months later he contacted me. We formed a friendship and talked about bring together again at some stage. We caught up and it went really well. I was still in love with him. But, after making plans to celebrate an important day together, his work commitments got in the way, again. I thought that I would never see him again. Hurt, I started dating another man, who I grew to care for. I fell pregnant to him after being with him for two months. He left me when I was three months pregnant. That day, I heard from my ex. He sounded disappointed when I told him. Then he became my rock, we spent so much time together, we were romantically involved for five months-then he had to go away for work, with the talk of him wanting a relationship when he gets back. I honestly don't know if I should keep waiting for him-he wants me, he loves me and my son but, he won't commit to a relationship.

olaoye dayo June 04, 2012 | 1:10 PM

great i like it,it so nice to me to hear

.. March 01, 2012 | 1:05 PM

i've have been liking this guy since 7th grade, i told him i like him this year (8th) and he's responce was to nothing. i'm not sure if he likes me, because now he says hi to me and tries to give me a hug. last year he didn't notice me at all. do you think, hes just trying to be friends? he also comes to my classes out of nowhere and he gave me his phone number. we text eachother sometimes. can someone please give me some advice ? i try to tell him, if he likes me but i'm to shy. my friend told me she would ask for me but, i clickly responded no. then, she told me to text him how i really feel. i just don't feel myself when i'm around him.. i don't know why.

lorraine February 12, 2012 | 7:48 PM

I met this guy...were dating a couple of times not knowing that he is already sucks,after our last date i never txt him..for three weeks..imagine after ur date youll see him with his grl...just ryt after...!!! and now his tring to reach me but i dont feel our relationship makes i ryt? plsss help

Jessica January 28, 2012 | 7:18 PM

So theirs this guy ive been talking to for quite a while now,this past month we've been going out he says he likes me,told me were dating when he never asked me or said anything..out of the no were hes very cold its confusing!

glittergirl January 18, 2012 | 2:39 PM

I've noticed the same situation occurs with most girls. A girl and guy like each other, the guy shows interest and may even take her out but then then the next day or few weeks later the guy goes totally silent. No phone calls/texts or contact. Which leads me to believe that all that attraction at the beginning meant NOTHING! Just remember whilst at the inital stages you may enjoy being pursued by a guy, be prepared for being on the recieving end of cold bloodedness later!

kitty January 06, 2012 | 2:39 PM

so this guy who was so nervous to ask me out and didnt think I was into him finally does and we go out a few times, got pretty close and were good friends as well tells me he cares for me and a situation that he went through i was going through so he was so thoughtful and was there for me the whole time, we got close but he was moving and had his mind set on moving before we met, he offered for me to go with but i declined that offer but we were still close and good and planned to hang out the last 2 weeks he was still here before he left and we send text messages to eachother and last i got was what's up and i replied and never heard from him since, he moved by now and didnt get to say goodbye:( he been ignoring my text and messages but it hurt i told him we should remain friends even when he moves why he do this??? seem so opposite of who he showed me he was.

Angel May 18, 2011 | 6:31 AM

Hey. I like a guy at school, and I know he likes me, but I think he might be too shy to ask me out. We've gotten to know each other pretty well by now, up to the point where he can confront me and ask me a question or tell me something directly. By his behavior, do you know if he's thinking about asking me out?

Adex January 01, 2011 | 6:21 PM

Hi, there is girl that i love so much,she has been cool loving and caring to me,before i went for youth service(NYSC). So when i got back i started sense an unpleasant attitude from her,unluckyly she voiced out that she is no more interested in me and i love she her so much..pls advice me.

MARI October 12, 2010 | 10:45 AM


jessica Douglas August 09, 2010 | 7:00 AM

i met this guy two days into valantines day, he is so fond of me,tells me positive things mostly about our future you think he is the man for me?

Alan February 26, 2010 | 4:04 PM

Good grief do not ignore your man if he shows an interest! I have been on the receiving end of being ignored and I can tell you it is no fun I am very much in love with this lady but circumstances have kept us apart for a long time nothing to do with us but where she works and I am doing everything I can to contact my darling lady but get thwarted time after time by jobs worths. If you want that man of your dreams tell him he is obviously keen but doesn't know what to say to win you over!

Christy February 22, 2010 | 11:06 PM

I went out with this guy on valentines day. It was our first date. We had a great night filled with wonderful conversation. When the night ended he walked me to the car, hugged me and thanked me for going out. The next day he left for a job rated trip. The next day he txt me to thank me again for going out. I've heard through mutual friends that he had a great time and thinks we have many things in common , but, I haven't heard much from him. How do you think I should handle this? I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks!

emma February 03, 2010 | 9:58 PM

great i like it!

Shaye July 19, 2009 | 6:50 PM

There is this guy that goes to my church. We have been knowing each other for about 3 years. And in november 2008, he told he liked me. So I said I liked him too. Then, there was nothing. He still likes me. But I'm afraid that he is a little immature, not by him being 2 years older, but his attitude. I do like him. Should I go with my head or my heart by asking him out?

You don't need to know my name ... May 27, 2009 | 3:49 PM

I have liked this boy since 6 grade. Now I am in 7. At the end of the year we like somehow became friends out of no where an we even sat next to each other in a school class. But I think he is embarresd to like be around me because im not the "coolest" type of girl. I think I am known as "shy" . And I dont wear like the best out fits and stuff. I think he likes me but I am not sure. And whenever we talked we would always be laughing and happy. He is so cute!!!

kooo April 07, 2009 | 10:39 PM

dude pretend to stop liking hem then make hem kind off feel bad and have eye contact and smile and dont smell bad beacaser boys always sence youre hair and smile when he looks at you

mkh April 07, 2009 | 10:33 PM


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