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From busy schedules to jaded pasts, sometimes it's hard to show your love. When you're knee-deep in a relationship, you and your partner can become so comfortable, you'll forget how to show how much you care. Yeah, you might say a quick, "I love you," on the way out, but it's become such a routine its true meaning is diminishing. Before you and your partner become bitter at the not-so-thoughtful gestures of love (as in, just saying the words, but not showing it), it's time to get creative. Not sure how? Read on.

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16. Do all the work next time you're in bed.

And if you want to use handcuffs, even better. Let your man sit back and relax while you pleasure him in all the ways he likes.

17. Let him pick the movie.

Even if it's a slasher movie or an action flick you know you'll hate, just tough it out. If you're not into it, just zone it out while you're sitting there or fall asleep. The key here is that you let him make the decision.

18. Send him out with the boys.

Surprise him and arrange for him to have a boys night out. So many ladies forget how important it is to let their men go out for a night on the town with the guys. If you give your love a pass -- even better, plan it for him -- he will know how much you mean to him. Some girls won't even consider this gesture.

19. Give him the remote control.

You can miss Grey's Anatomy and The Hills this week. Relinquish control of the channel changer for a day (or a week). Try to enjoy what he likes to watch. You will not only show how much you love him, you might even learn more about him (and each other) in the process.

20. Let him love you.

This is pretty simple. Oftentimes, we're jaded about past loves lost and horrible ex-boyfriends, we forget there are good guys out there. When we become cynics (and who can blame some of us), we are harder on the next boyfriend. Let your guy love you. Being that vulnerable will only show just how much you care.

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Comments on "Top 20 Creative ways to show your love"

Shawna April 02, 2014 | 10:43 PM

Tell him everyday that you appreciate everything he does for others and you.

hailey March 20, 2014 | 5:31 PM

show him you love him by shareing your feelings beging honest trusting him letting him know that he is yous and you are his and just be there for him ,don't be ebarrased if you are you do not love him just be your self and let him be his self

chas June 12, 2013 | 2:40 PM

I thought these were supposed to be creative... Yet they are "uber" lame.

Elysa December 17, 2012 | 7:30 PM

When I "give him the remote control" he makes me watch The Notebook or Leap Year. On my nights, we watch Pulp Fiction or documentaries on government conspiracies. Just because I have a vagina, doesn't mean I like stupid crap like The Hills. Is this magazine/website run by men or Stepford Wives? It seems to have quite a bit of ist ideas.

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