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From busy schedules to jaded pasts, sometimes it's hard to show your love. When you're knee-deep in a relationship, you and your partner can become so comfortable, you'll forget how to show how much you care. Yeah, you might say a quick, "I love you," on the way out, but it's become such a routine its true meaning is diminishing. Before you and your partner become bitter at the not-so-thoughtful gestures of love (as in, just saying the words, but not showing it), it's time to get creative. Not sure how? Read on.

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11. Let him pick the pizza toppings next time you order.

You and your lover may have plenty in common, but pizza toppings is not one of them. In fact, whenever you order, it results in an argument of who wants what. Rather than getting two pies, let him win once in awhile. If you really can't consume his picks, just pick them off. Hopefully, next time, he'll let you choose.

12. Take him out on a date for a change.

Some girls are very old-fashioned and expect the man to always take them out. For the most part, men do follow through. They do the planning, not to mention the paying. Invite your love for a date for a change -- you plan and pay.

13. Rent him a hot Ferrari to drive for a day.

Yes, this is possible. It might get costly, but if you have the funds, your lovebug will be ultimately grateful. Enterprise, for instance, offers services, for just that. You can rent really awesome cars for the day.

14. Act out his wildest fantasy!

Ask him about his sexual fantasies and make one of them come to life. Whether he's always dreamed of you dressing up like Princess Leia (in that gold bikini) or wants you to pretend to be a naughty schoolgirl, just give it a shot. Not only will he know how much you love him, you'll likely be rewarded in the bedroom.

15. Write him a love letter.

With e-mail and texting, couples have completely forgotten about the good ol' love letter. Leave your man a love letter somewhere around your home where you know he'd find it. Tell him something really nice, fun or sweet. Guaranteed, he'll be blushing and will hopefully respond with a love letter of his own.
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Comments on "Top 20 Creative ways to show your love"

Shawna April 02, 2014 | 10:43 PM

Tell him everyday that you appreciate everything he does for others and you.

hailey March 20, 2014 | 5:31 PM

show him you love him by shareing your feelings beging honest trusting him letting him know that he is yous and you are his and just be there for him ,don't be ebarrased if you are you do not love him just be your self and let him be his self

chas June 12, 2013 | 2:40 PM

I thought these were supposed to be creative... Yet they are "uber" lame.

Elysa December 17, 2012 | 7:30 PM

When I "give him the remote control" he makes me watch The Notebook or Leap Year. On my nights, we watch Pulp Fiction or documentaries on government conspiracies. Just because I have a vagina, doesn't mean I like stupid crap like The Hills. Is this magazine/website run by men or Stepford Wives? It seems to have quite a bit of ist ideas.

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