Battle Of Beauty Quotients

We're girls, we overanalyze. That's what we do. So whenever boys - dates, boyfriends, husbands, friends, even relatives - give us the inevitable beauty compliment, we can't help but try to figure out where that word lies on the beauty scale. And yes, there are varying levels of beauty depending on how it's described. So boys, if you're reading, take note:
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This word is as sinister as they come. In fact, whenever Jenny hears the word to describe her, she gets offended. "It's a back-handed compliment. It's totally condescending," she says. "It's like I'm a step below 'pretty' and can never be thought of as anything but because I'm just adorable." Since this word is usually used to describe babies, puppies and pairs of shoes, girls tend to not prefer it. It's as if a girl was compared to Dakota Fanning.


"I personally like hearing that I'm pretty," says Laura. "It attractive, yet effortless." Other girls we asked have agreed with Laura idea of the word. It's the type of word who would describe a star like Jennifer Garner who is borderline plain but pulls it off in a way that women still envy her despite not being the caliber of a Megan Fox.


Now Megan Fox -- she's sexy. Although most girls would love to be considered sexy, Marie says she's not a fan. "It's almost like I am only attractive because of my body and the types of clothes that I wear. Sure, I dress sexy, but I would like for men to notice that I'm more than that," she explains. "I want someone to, for once, look at my face (among other things) and say I'm beautiful."


Like most women, Marie would never turn away the "beautiful" compliment. "This type of flattery gets you everywhere," she says. "Being beautiful, to me, means being born that way, and it's almost like it's extraordinary." Marie believes that a lot of girls are considered "pretty," but "beautiful," that's almost one of a kind. What a lot of girls likes even more about the word is that it can describe someone's exterior, as well as interior. To girls, who are far more sensitive than boys, hearing the word feels fantastic.


Add beautiful to sexy and you have yourself hot. The only snag is, "hot" girls have also been considered "damaged girls with daddy issues." (Didn't you see that episode of Samantha Who? -- the girls on the show said just that. "Hot" ladies are the Playboy bunnies of our time. When asked if she's been called "hot," Annie said yes and she doesn't mind. "I am damaged and have daddy issues, so it's okay," she chuckles. "A part of me thinks that when I was growing up I never got my father's attention so I'm making up for lost time now." Annie admits she tries hard to look the part, so she doesn't mind when the "hot" compliment comes her way.


The mother of all compliments is the word "gorgeous." We asked countless women and all of them said that's the best way a man can describe their beauty. "It's effortless, extraordinary and perfection," says Becky. "I seldom hear the compliment, but the few times I have heard it, it was when I was crazy in love -- and the feeling was mutual, of course." Becky says it's the best feeling because it makes her feel like she's the most beautiful woman on earth.

What do you think about these beauty quotients?


Comments on "Guys translated: Girls weigh in on how boys decipher their beauty"

Leslie July 24, 2012 | 1:51 PM

A compliment is a compliment, so I would be ok with any of the mentioned above! I really don't think men over-analyze meanings of words that pretty much all mean the same thing. Gorgeous, beautiful,'s all the same! Clearly he's attracted to you and wants you to know it!

Samantha August 26, 2010 | 2:17 PM

I agree with Katie. I rarely hear any of these compliments from guys, especially my soon-to-be ex-husband. Which is probably why he's about to be my ex. I would take any of these compliments. After all the trouble go through to look nice for men, the least they can do is give you a compliment and if "cute" is what he comes up with then I don't mind. I think I'm cute. I never saw myself as pretty. I am beautiful or gorgeous when I'm all dressed up but I am usually dressed down and that's when I would get a "cute" compliment. I think it's best because I think guys associate cute with someone who is down-to-earth and adorable. And that's someone I can see him marrying and raising kids with and bringing home to mom and dad. :) But like Katie said, all of these words are nice. A compliment is a compliment. Take the compliment, stop overanalyzing and say "thank you". You shouldn't rely on a guy anyway to determine what you are. If I think I'm hot, then I tell myself I'm hot and I keep it moving. I don't care if someone else sees me differently because everyone has different preferences. :)

Ella November 12, 2009 | 11:58 AM

Wow, Katie - angry much? I think you're reading a little too much into this. I really liked this piece and thought it was a fun read. It's interesting to see how the different genders interpret words differently. I actually have a friend who looks much, much younger, and has been called "cute" all her life. She really dislikes it, so I think she can certainly identify with what that particular woman meant.

Katie March 10, 2009 | 3:11 PM

This is the stupidest thing I've ever read. And women wonder why they can't keep a man after they read this crap. The woman saying she hated being called cute?? Clearly an idiot. A compliment is a compliment!!! Say thank you, and shutup!! If you called your man handsome and he got mad everytime you said it, would you say it again?? Of course not. You gotta make a man feel like a man sometimes. That's why they like calling women 'cute'. It's just a compliment and it lets them feel like a real man having a special little pretty lady by their side. Men don't find flaws in every little thing like women do. There's no "hidden" meanings behind these words. They're all nice compliments, and I would love to hear any and all of them from my man.

WILLIAM SOLANO October 23, 2008 | 5:23 AM

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