Stay Clear
Of The Bad Boy

Ladies, as a male, I have to be honest. There are clear, tell-tale signs that a guy is a jerk. In My Best Friend's Girl, Dane Cook plays Tank, not only is he a bad boy, but he can also be a jerk.

JerkWhat are the signs to watch? Straight from the male playbook:


His eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul. They are first on this inside scoop to spotting a jerk because eyes really are all-telling.


Do they wander? If so, he could be looking at other women, or at the least, he seems bored and not into you. There's nothing wrong with people-watching while the two of you are out and about, but if you notice that over half the time, his eyes are elsewhere continually, that's a neon sign.


Immediate deal breaker: If his eyes go to other women while you are in his company, that is inexcusable in any situation even if the Playboy Bunnies walked through the room.


Get that free dinner and run, this guy's a jerk.


His hands

Are they tapping? Sitting comfortably at his side? Either one says a lot about a man.


A man who is tapping with his fingers (or his knees or feet for that matter) may not be someone who is not interested in you personally or physically. It could be that this guy is simply a jittery person.


But, one thing to take into account immediately is guys who can't sit still are likely to wander. They have lower attention spans and quite likely, become bored easily.


Also to consider is what the man is doing with his hands. Are they gripping his Blackberry slowly pulling the device into view for an email or missed call?


Run, don't walk from this jerk.


How he treats his mother

Most times, of course, in a dark club or wherever you have met the next Mr Wonderful, his mom will, thank goodness, be miles away.


But the sentiment is the same. It is a dead giveaway that a guy's a jerk if he treats his girl friends, or the cocktail waitress, with less than the respect you'd expect. A cornerstone to any relationship, short or long term, is dignity coming from both sides.


If his intentions towards the fairer gender are less than the princess you are, women of the world, run, don't walk from this jerk.


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Comments on "How to spot a jerk"

Rita February 25, 2010 | 3:25 PM

Not rubbish at all. Had I read this articel before I went out on a date with this one guy in particular, I would have saved myself a lot of trouble and heartache. He exhibited each of these signs. He stared at the table most of the night and fiddled with the utensils. When I asked why staring at his utensils he said that he is nervous and intimidated by me. I already knew about the mother/son relationship and when I asked him about his relationship with his mom, he said that they have a great relationship. He claims they are very close and play a lot of sarcastic "tricks" on each other. He said his mom will state something like "oh you're just being a little sh**" and his response to her would be "oh but you gave birth to me so you're an even bigger sh**". He warned me and asked me not to become offended by their mother/son banter...HUH??? BIG RED FLAG I ignored. This guy seemed to be nice and attentive at first but after he got what he wanted he threw me and my heart to the curb, and he has no remorse he turned the entire situation on me. Thats okay he got his just desserts I don't take to kindly to being played by jerks.

Moron July 22, 2009 | 8:41 PM

This is utter rubbish. My guy can't sit still...he has an anxiety disorder (um, possibly from the high stress of medical school???). Doesn't mean he's going to cheat on me!

g September 03, 2008 | 6:35 PM


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