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Ever wondered what normal, everyday women like you do to keep their sex lives sizzling? Read on for sex tips and sizzling sex advice, to find out what some women do to keep their men gasping for more.

Sex advice from women just like you!

"After marriage, I learned how important it is to pleasure myself. While my husband and I have a fantastic sex life, sometimes a little solitary recreation turns me on in ways he often fails to. The best part about masturbating is that I can fantasize about anyone and everyone. I'll never feel the need to cheat, because in my fantasies, I'm having an affair with anyone my heart desires!" 
- Jasmine Fererra, 32

"When I'm on my period, my boyfriend and I always go the route of 'everything-but'. I thank God for that one week a month when we are forced to go sex-less because by the time my monthly friend is gone, my boyfriend is up and ready and at my service. He's also willing to do anything because of the one week deprival."  

- Jennifer Karim, 26

"To spice things up, I perform a striptease for my fiancé on special nights. I was a little hesitant the first time I did it, but by now I'm a pro!"  

- Farah, 25

 "I tell my boyfriend exactly what I want, when I want it and how I want it. I love directing him throughout our sack session. I make sure that I get pleasured the exact way that I want and my self-confidence keeps my boyfriend attracted to me."  

- Annie McKinley, 31

"My boyfriend and I make sure to shake up our routine at least once a week. We promised each other that once a week we would do something out of the ordinary and different than plain old sex in the bedroom. For example, one night we camped out in the living room and had sex in front of the television all night, another night we had sex in the garage in our car (even though we live together, so it isn't necessary) and on other nights we do role-play or try inventing a new position. We take turns coming up with new things to do each week!"  

- Danila Cuesta, 29

"I pay special attention to my husband's testicles and the area between his testicles and his anus. The first time I discovered this spot, my husband writhed with pleasure and that's how I knew I hit the jackpot. I can be sure of mind-blowing penetration after I work him into a frenzy by flicking my tongue against his favorite spot." 

- Pamela Chowdhury, 23

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Comments on "Sex advice from women just like you"

collprin June 01, 2013 | 6:39 PM

sometimes I worry i have some slight aspergers and that i am a "grey ace" and i have anexiteys and am geeky and have nerofibromatosis and scoloisis. where is the woman like me to give me tips. for the akward, disfigured, geeky, bi polar chicks like me. one of you are doing your jobs right. stop being worthless.

eleanor February 07, 2012 | 9:12 PM

I am a 50 yr old woman who has never had complete . I've met a man who tried to have with me and at first he talked about having for hours but for me I do not understand. Currently, he won't have with me but wants me to spend the evenings with him watching tv. Yet, when we did try to have , I found oral very relaxing but can only endure one orgasm that lasts a few seconds or minutes. And then I want to fall asleep. He originally wanted to have for hours, but he keeps slipping out of my vagina - and I can experience an orgasm without him completing the act but I can only endure that feeling for a few seconds and then I can't experience it anymore or last to meet his desire.

Sharon S. February 23, 2011 | 3:08 PM

I love waking my husband up in the middle of the night and nudging him for . He is always pleasantly surprised! And as a bonus, I always feel good about makeing the effort.

Katelyn February 23, 2011 | 3:06 PM

My fiance has gotten me into the habit of showering with him, and it is simply the most y start to my day. Just standing under the water together makes me feel closer to him, and although we dont have every time, it leaves me thinking about him all day.

lawrence December 30, 2008 | 2:38 PM

hi guy have this expert advice,good for union.

nima December 30, 2008 | 4:22 AM

samar September 12, 2008 | 12:01 PM

hi, A married woman 34 years old smiles at me,shows her figure to me,stares at my privates. i am 21 years old.what can be there in her mind.should i surrender her & marry her. Please advice.

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