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A reader asks: "Will piercings really help to enhance the sexual experience?"

I cannot tell you from first-hand experience if piercings will help to enhance your sex life, because I personally don't have any body piercings. (While I have considered getting some, I have never gotten around to it, and it's likely that I never will.) However, I have many friends who have various parts of their body pierced -- and most of them have great things to say about their piercings.

The most common part pierced for sexual pleasures is the tongue. I am told it does not really hurt to have the tongue pierced, and the benefits are somewhat obvious. When used for oral sex, the small metal ball or tongue ring that is on the tip of the ring will add pressure, tease, and bring a new sensation to the experience for your lover. People that use them seem to get off on the fact that their partner enjoys oral sex so much.

Meanwhile, the one on the receiving end usually also loves the power of the tongue ring. For some extra fun, you can drink something warm or suck on some ice prior to performing oral. This will change the temperature of both your mouth and the tongue ring for added effect.

When it comes to other parts, I can tell you that a piercing will make that particular part of your body part more sensitive. For example, people who have their nipples pierced find it highly arousing to have their nipples toyed with during sex (or anytime, really). The same can be said for men brave enough to have a penis piercing and women that go with labia or clitoral hood piercings.

An interesting side story that just might answer your question comes courtesy of a friend of mine who once worked in a piercing parlor. When you are pierced, someone washes or cleans your body part prior to the piercing -- and that was my friend's job. One day he needed to clean up a girl who was getting a vaginal piercing (I don't recall what specific area). The girl already had several piercings in that area and had decided to add one more.

My friend became increasingly frustrated with his job because he was having a tough time cleaning the area. However, the girl was so sensitive from the number of piercings she already had, that the motion of cleaning her brought her to orgasm repeatedly.

So, yes, it's safe to say that piercings can help enhance your sexual pleasure in one specific manner. Just make sure if you are going to get a new hole in your body, you go with a person licensed in piercing. Request to see the piercing tools they use ahead of time, and ask how the overall process will occur.

Also, make sure that you are going to commit to keeping your piercing clean and well taken care of, in order to avoid any problems or possible infections. Things of that nature would, of course, seriously reduce pleasure.

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Comments on "The sex pros and cons of piercing"

Eric December 09, 2011 | 6:03 AM

I'm no expert on either female anatomy or piercings but my girlfriend has two piercings and their effect has been awesome for both of us. she originally got a vch piercing as a surprise for me on my return from a several week trip. It looked very y and after a bit of experimenting I figured out how to use it to add to her enjoyment. She did notice it occasionally in her daily life but outside of ual activities it didn't really affect her too much. About seven months ago she returned to the same piercer to have her tongue done. At that time she had her vch barbel changed. The new one is slightly longer and has larger ends. The new one obviously rests in just the right place because any physical activity leaves her extremely aroused. She's hornier than ever before and she orgasms more easily and more intensely. She loves it! So much that we sent a thank you note and flowers to the girl who did the piercing! Her tongue piercing was obviously done for my benefit. It did take her a bit of practice to learn how to best use it. She's always been the most orally talented girl I've ever been with but now she's completely incredible! The only con we've found is having to worry about the appearance of her tongue piercing. She works in an office and while they have no written policy about piercings I'm sure they'd frown on it so she wears a clear retainer at work as well family get togethers, etc. As far as we know no one at her employer knows about her tongue piercing. From my point of view the pros are a very horny, happy girl who's incredibly ually motivated!

graham February 07, 2011 | 9:51 AM

I've had a Prince Albert ( a ring through the underside of my penis head ) for over twenty years and never regretted it for a moment. The hole has stretched over the years and I now wear quite a thick ring in it, which feels good when I wear shorts and let it swing freely. I'm often aware that it's there and that it's a secret and no-one else knows about it. It doesn't actually make much difference to the sensations during as far as I'm concerned, but my wife says she'll divorce me if I ever take it out. When I enter her from behind, it rubs right on her 'G' spot, so she's probably got a point. She wasn't sure about it when I first had it done, but by the time it had healed she was eager to test it out. She doesn't have any piercings - not even her ears - but I'm hoping that one day she'll agree to try some nipple rings. If she doesn't like them she can simply take them out - unlike having a tattoo.

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