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It's no secret that speeches are a very important part of the wedding day but, too many times, inside jokes and drawn-out speeches send guests into sleepwalk mode. So, to avoid boring your audience keep these four tips in mind when you set out to speak from your heart.

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The Wedding Singer toast

Movie scene wedding speeches

It's probably best that you don't model your best man speech off of these memorable movie scenes, but for a funny recap here's what not say:

  1. Don't mention you're own failed love life
  2. Don't seek revenge on your family
  3. We love Hugh's humorous touch, but try to steer clear of mentioning failed marriages.

Old School

The Wedding Singer

Four Weddings and a Funeral

And of course, one romantic wedding toast to make you say "Awe":

My Best Friend's Wedding

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What are some of your favorite wedding movies moments?

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