Finding an awesome gift that your S.O. will actually want is hard, but things get even trickier when procrastination is your middle name. It's tough enough to find something thoughtful under normal circumstances — but when you're under the gun, you really have to get creative.

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Since not all of us exactly thrive under pressure, we've put together a nice little roundup of last-minute gifts that are a shoo-in to make your partner the happiest person in the world. Tuck this list away for the next time you put off your gift shopping — and be thankful your partner loves you for the procrastinator that you are.

1. Etched city map glasses

Image: Uncommon Goods

These rocks glasses etched with his city's grid would complement his favorite scotch perfectly. (Uncommon Goods, $14)

2. Shaving oil and lip balm set

I mean it. As a beauty editor, I get to bring home fun samples to try. Once in a while, I hear "Hey, do you have that cool oil good-smelling something or another?" (Scoutmob, $60)

3. Beard wash

Guys love grooming more than they like to admit. Make this a stocking stuffer and watch him as he takes pride in using it. (Scoutmob, $25)

4. Beer soap

Citrus Hefeweizen beer soap? Even I'm curious. (Red Beard Post Exchange, $8)

5. A whiskey barrel

You can personalize with his name, a quote or whatever you want on there. (Uncommon Goods, $85)

6. A chillsner

I first discovered this for wine, and plan to extend my, err, his, collection with the beer version. (Chillsner, $30)

7. Creative BBQ tools

Search [insert hobby here]-themed BBQ tools, and you're sure to find something. (Uncommon Goods, $28)

8. A record clock

Think in terms of man-cave decor and it will get you far in the gift-giving world. (Uncommon Goods, $38)

9. Whiskey stones

Another stocking stuffer gem. (Uncommon Goods, $20)

10. A mug that holds coffee and cookies

Need I say more? (Uncommon Goods, $18)

11. Himalayan salt BBQ plank

You get to reap the benefits when he makes a kick-ass meal. (Uncommon Goods, $30)

12. Beer tasting flight

And then host a beer tasting party. (Uncommon Goods, $60)

13. Inspirational gifts that still look manly

You'd be surprised at how much some guys will appreciate things like this (but maybe get him some whiskey stones, too?) (Uncommon Goods, $36)

14. A gentleman's card deck

It's manly and cool, but also teaches him high-class old-school etiquette. Everyone wins, right? (Uncommon Goods, $15)

15. An all about beer card deck

Pretty self explanatory. (Uncommon Goods, $16)

16. Subtle things that say "I love you"

This says "I love you" without forcing him to walk around with a heart key chain. (Uncommon Goods, $20)

17. Bluetooth speakers

There's something about seeing the words "surround sound" that makes a guy squeal a little on the inside. (Bose, $139)

18. Keychain breathalyzer

He can go out with the guys, and if this keychain determines he had one too many, it can actually call him a cab or an Uber. Why didn't we think of this? (, $100)

19. A snazzy wallet

Image: Nordstrom

Have you ever heard a guy not complain about his wallet at some point? It never hurts to have a new one ready for when the old one wears out. (Nordstrom, $90)

20. Ammunition

If he's into guns, ammunition can make the perfect stocking stuffer. (Sportman's Warehouse, prices vary)

21. Tactical Christmas stocking

Image: Amazon

Stuff a tactical stocking with candy and other treats — great for any guy who has served. (Amazon, $55)

22. A next-level phone case

Image: ReadyCase

This iPhone case also comes equipped as one of those multi-tools with blades, and a bottle opener, and a screwdriver and the list goes on. (ReadyCase, $45)

23. Beer caddy with a bottle opener

And just maybe you'll let him store it on the living room end table for easy access. (Uncommon Goods, $45)

24. A foot sauna

Because, why not? (Uncommon Goods, $195)

25. A soup and sandwich tray

It may be cliché that dudes love sandwiches (thanks to Joey on Friends), but really everyone loves sandwiches so no harm in rush-ordering a few extras? (Uncommon Goods, $30)

26. Headphones

It's definitely a splurge, but if you have the cash this is a solid guy gift for any occasion. (Beats by Dre, $300)

27. Hot towel solution

It will make shaving feel luxurious for him. Think hot shaves at the barbershop, but right from home. (Baxter of California, $18)

28. A bottle of unique booze

It's something he can enjoy with his guys, or you! Talk to his inner Don Draper. (Jura Whisky, $60)

29. Maple bacon coffee

This is real. Buy extra. Buy a lot. Give it to all your friends. (Bewdly Coffee Company, $19)

30. Firemaking kit

This is a nifty kit to build a fire on those romantic camping trips, if you're into that kind of thing. (Bush Smarts, $58)

31. UV water sterilizer

And if you want clean water on said camping trip, he better have this water sterilizer. (Bush Smarts, $100)

32. Drinkable chocolate

Do you really need to hear anything more? (Treehouse chocolate, $15)

33. Moonshine

Yes, it's legal. (Ole Smoky, $26)

34. The Man Can

Image: Ames and Oates

This gallon-sized container comes chock-full of bath goodies like bay rum oil, fresh-scented soap, shave gel, hand butter, and an exfoliator. The container comes with its own opener which doubles as a bottle opener, so cute. Even better, all of the products are free of dyes, perfumes or chemicals. (Ames and Oates, $48)

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35. The Dyson of shovels

Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. Do some yard work, honey. You'll love it. (Bosse Tools, $90 to $100)

36. Shottracker

This is like the luxury version of your Runkeeper app, but for basketball. (Amazon, $141)

37. The carry-on cocktail

Since liquids can't make it past security, this company got creative. (Carry on Cocktail, $24)

38. The coolest tools ever

These phone hook-ups act as stud finders, moisture meters, inspection scopes and more. (Home Depot, $15 - $100)

39. Portable beverage carbonator

That means he can make beer wherever he is. Scary, right? You'll have to buy the beer carbonate separately at a liquor retailer. (Back Country beverages, $50) 

40. Onnit Alpha Brain

This memory and focus supplement formula will help keep him on top of his game. (Onnit, $35)

41. Dusk cologne

Dusk by Herban Cowboy smells amazing without the huge department store price tag. It's also vegan and comes in recycled packaging. (Amazon, $21)

42. Car wash kit

His car will be clean as a whistle in no time with this 10-piece car wash bucket. (Target, $27)

43. A knife block

Cooking with dull knives is a pain, literally. A nice 14-piece knife set will have him on his way to culinary freedom. (Amazon, $67)

44. Gift membership to Five Four Club

Five Four Club is pretty amazing. You join by completing a short style quiz, and then conveniently receive a monthly curated package at your doorstep. Three, six and 12 month gift packages are available. (Five Four Club, $180 and up)

45. Bottle cap display case

No man cave is complete without a bottle cap trophy case! (Knot and Nest Designs, $40)

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Originally published December 2014. Updated February 2017.