Image: Getty Images/Ashley Britton/SheKnows

Shopping for men can be rough. On the one hand, you don't want to stereotype and assume they want a bunch of manly gifts. On the other hand, they can be darn hard to get any gift ideas from, especially if they're not willing to just hand over a list of what they'd like for the holidays (and where's the fun in that, anyway?)

Knowing everybody is different, we did our best to think of cool holiday gifts that guys would be happy to unwrap, even if they didn't exactly tell you they wanted it.

1. A record player

Image: Bed Bath & Beyond

Crosley Nomad portable turntable in green, $180 at Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Soothing lip balm

Image: Amazon

Brickell men’s no-shine lip balm, $8 at Amazon

3. A fancy chess set

Image: Amazon

RADICALn handmade chess set, $149 at Amazon

4. A streaming device

Image: Amazon

Roku Express, $30 at Amazon

5. A nice razor

Image: Rockwell Razors

Rockwell 6S adjustable stainless steel safety razor, $100 at Rockwell Razors

6. A telephoto phone lens

Image: Amazon

Moment telephoto lens, $96 at Amazon

7. A camping hammock

Image: REI

ENO National Park Foundation DoubleNest hammock, $70 at REI

8. A subscription box

Image: Birchbox

Three months of Birchbox for men, $30 at Birchbox

9. A knife set

Image: Amazon

Knife block, $65 at Amazon

10. Natural cologne

Image: Amazon

O'Douds all-natural solid cologne (Bay Rum), $22 at Amazon

11. A fire-making kit

Image: Bush Smarts

Fire-making kit, $62 at Bush Smarts

12. A cool clock

Image: UncommonGoods

Record clock, $38 at UncommonGoods

13. Soap that will speak to them

Image: Keg Works

Handbrewed all-natural beer soap in IPA, $6 at KegWorks

14. A gentleman's grooming kit

Image: Mr Porter

Mr Porter Dapper Gentleman grooming kit, $150 at Mr Porter

15. Comfy undies

Image: Duluth Trading Co.

Buck Naked boxer briefs, $14 at Duluth Trading

A version of this article was originally published in December 2014.