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5 Friends every girl needs

Must-have gal pals

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Every girl needs a good group of besties to see her through the good times and bad. Take a look at your current group of girls — does it include at least one of each of these essential friends?

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The supportive friend

Every girl needs someone she knows is always on her side, through thick and thin. Whether you're chasing a new promotion or lusting after a guy who's probably all wrong for you, she sticks by you, no matter what — and without a single judgmental look or "I told you so" when a bad decision blows up in your face. She's just there.

The opposite friend

Every woman's circle of friends should include at least a few characters who are totally unlike herself, whether in age, status, culture or personality. Having a homogenous group of friends who are basically carbon copies of yourself is boring, while having a diverse range of friends keeps your social life interesting and gives you a broader perspective on everything. For instance, every laidback girl should have at least one girly-girl she knows and respects whom she can call on when she needs advice on what to wear to an important event. In turn, that girly-girl needs the laidback girl in her life to help give her some perspective during a mascara crisis.

The uninhibited friend

Whether it's the kind of friend who talks you into doing a pole-dancing class or the friend who convinces you to go skinny-dipping on vacation, you need someone who pushes the limits of your comfort zone. It helps you take yourself less seriously and become more comfortable in your own skin. Plus, you'll have the time of your life — chances are, all of your most legendary and outrageous stories will come from nights with this girl.

The longtime friend

Although friendships take work to maintain, it's worth it to have at least one friend in your life who you've known forever. She knows a side of you that your other friends can't understand because she knows exactly where you come from and just how much you've evolved over the years. Plus, it's just plain fun to reminisce with her about junior-high gossip.

The travelling friend

If you love to travel, it's important to have a good friend who is both willing and able to to book a Mediterranean cruise with you. But be careful — not all friends travel well together, and sometimes even the best of friends can fall out over incompatible travel styles. Look for a friend who has similar interests and energy levels as you — for instance, if you're a beach bum and she's a sun-hater who'd rather tour historic sites, you'll clash.

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