Get Off Of My Cloud

Neptune is the planet of what could be. And when it forms a square to the sun (like it does on Nov. 24), then you will be pinning your hopes on a certain someone who has swept you off your feet. It's an iffy prospect and this will make you the target of cynical remarks and ominous warnings issued from your supposedly well-meaning friends. But how much of what they're saying has to do with you and how much of it is them projecting their own past disappointments and heartbreaks? The simple truth is you're on cloud 9 and you like it. It's not a crime to hope for the best. The crime would be never having hoped at all.

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LIBRA (Sept. 22 – Oct. 21)

Just because you met Mr. Right at the wrong time doesn't mean you should wait for him to get his act together. He says that he wants out of his one-sided relationship, but with Venus poised to turn retrograde it could take until February for him to act. Renegotiate terms so that it's understood that you're in an “open” relationship. He won't like it, but that's the point. Make things too comfortable and he'll continue to treat you like something he means to get around to taking care of one day.

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