A Treacherous Patch

Beware behind-the-scenes machinations when Venus travels through a treacherous patch of sky on Nov. 14 and Nov. 15. At first you won’t be able to figure out what’s going on as he fluctuates wildly from hot to cold to hot again. The culprit is a manipulative ex, a two-faced friend or a possessive parent who sees you as a rival. The practical side of you will say get out while you can. Who needs the headache? However the more intuitive side knows that he wants to be with you, but doesn’t know who to trust. Needless to say this isn’t the time to throw in the towel. Not if you’re truly in love with him. He’s worth fighting for and now’s the time do it.

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AQUARIUS (Jan. 19 – Feb. 17)

Challenging times have brought you and your lover closer. Crises often test the moral fiber of a relationship as it forces both people to draw on strengths like trust, faith and forgiveness. The full moon on the 17th shows that your foundation is solid. Other relationships may be made of straw or wood, but yours is brick which means that it doesn't matter if the wolf comes to the door. He can huff and puff all he likes. He won't be able to blow down what you have built.

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