Time To Come Clean

An eclipse is always an earthshaking event. It stems from ancient times when the moon passing in front of the sun casts a chilly shadow over the land making kings tremble and armies retreat in terror. Although eclipses don't carry the same impact they once did, they can still wreak havoc. A solar eclipse in Scorpio on Nov. 3 will expose anything you've got hidden whether it's an unrequited love or a dirty secret and you will have to fess up to it. Sound melodramatic? Well, the last time there was a solar eclipse in Scorpio was on Nov. 13, 2012 — four days after General Petraeus (a Scorpio) was forced to resign as director of the CIA because of a sex scandal. Hmm. Maybe solar eclipses still pack a wallop after all?

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ARIES (March 20 – April 18)

Don't be surprised if the guy you go to the party with on Friday or Saturday night doesn't turn out to be the same guy that you wind up going home with at the end of the evening. There are so many about-face planetary energies taking place this week that it's hard to know what you feel when it comes to love. However, one's thing's for certain. You've been looking to get yourself out of your current relationship for a while — even if you're not comfortable with admitting it.

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