Making Love Fun

Next time you're tempted to spend $5 on a greeting card, channel your creative energy into an "I love you" worth remembering. We love these 10 unique "I love you" ideas from bloggers and Etsy shop owners, and hope you can incorporate them into your love story.

Sprinkles on my sundae

You are the sprinkles on my sundae printable

Photo credit: Pen N' Paperflowers

The way to a man's heart just might be through his stomach. If your guy loves ice cream, surprise him with a creative sundae treat. Jessica at Pen N' Paperflowers has the instructions to make it a simple DIY project.


"I love you" coffee stencil

Photo credit: Merry Brides

If your man starts his day with a cup of coffee, surprise him with a lighthearted morning "I love you." Follow Merry Brides' instructions for a DIY coffee stencil that won't cost a dime (aside from the espresso, that is).


Sticky notes

Sticky notes

Make a heart-shaped collage of sticky notes on your bathroom mirror for your guy to see first thing in the morning. You can either write a large sentiment across the collage or write sweet nothings on each individual sticky note.



Dad-isms collage

Photo credit: Pen N' Paperflowers

Even if you and your boyfriend or husband don't have any kids, you can still use this idea to creatively say "I love you." Create a collage of his favorite phrases and frame it like a picture. He'll enjoy knowing how well you know him and enjoy him.


I love you printable

I love you printable

Photo credit: Get Creative Juice

Say "I love you" in a new way every day with this free printable from Mindy over at Get Creative Juice. Just place the printable in a frame and write in a fresh sentiment every day with a dry erase marker.


Bacon hearts

Bacon hearts

Photo credit: A Day in My Life

Bacon. Hearts. Those are two words that don't often go together, but when they do, we promise the results will be amazing. Cook up a few bacon hearts to put on your guy's breakfast dish in the morning. Tiffany over at A Day in My Life has instructions for bacon hearts with the perfect crisp.


I love you headboard

I love you headboard

Photo credit: Beyond the Picket Fence

Chalkboards are an invitation to creativity and playfulness, and the bed you share with your man is a cozy abode. Obviously, it's time to combine the two by scrawling sweet nothings across a one-of-a-kind chalkboard headboard, like this one featured by Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence.


Deck of cards

Deck of cards

Photo credit: Design by Tess

This unique "I love you" is especially fitting if your guy enjoys playing poker with his bros. Find a deck of cards and bind them with rings. On each card, write one reason why you love him. You can either make one yourself or have one custom made by Design by Tess on Etsy for $25.


Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

Photo credit: Pen N' Paperflowers

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a delicious interplay of sweet and savory. Whip up a batch of these chocolate peanut butter cupcakes available on Pen N' Paperflowers for a sweet treat that says "I love you."


Vintage map

Vintage map

Photo credit: Flea Market Sunday

If you and your man have bonded through travels, purchase a handcrafted three-dimensional map featuring your initials to tell him you're thinking of him. We like the one featured here from Etsy's Flea Market Sunday for $90.

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nickesha cunningham November 07, 2013 | 12:45 PM

i love this

Rachel Foster October 25, 2013 | 7:06 PM

These are really cute ways to say "I Love You"! Being in love is such a great thing. And hearing the words "I love you" or even just reading those words could really make a person's day. Yes actions do speak words but fact is, hearing or seeing those words also has its way to make a person really happy. Thanks for sharing!

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