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A great relationship is made even better when couples engage in activities with one another. From going to the gym together to enjoying a favorite show on TV, spending time with one another in any form is important.

The secret ingredient to any delicious recipe is "love." When something is made with love, there's little chance it won't be delicious. Working together to complete a meal makes you feel accomplished because you did it with team work.

These three couples share their stories!


Lindsey and Peter DiGiovanni

Lindsey and Peter DiGiovanni

The kitchen is one of our favorite places to be together. My husband and I literally spend hours of our day in there sometimes. Cooking sort of became its own kind of intimacy for us. We've learned to trust each other's instincts, be spontaneous and appreciate creativity. We love thinking from scratch and use a CSA in the winter to get fresh, local ingredients. But, that all takes a lot of work, cleaning and commitment. And of course, when we're finished, there's this amazing plate of food to stuff our faces with. I mean, really. I don't think I could make a better metaphor for "relationships take work" if I tried. But the most important thing we've learned from cooking is that no matter the problem, wine can probably help.


Christi and Mike Thomas

Christi and Mike Thomas

The one thing that I can say about Mike and me cooking together over the years is that it has helped our communication skills. There are times when I wanted to smack him with the spatula or throw a little flour his way, but instead have been able to see the teamwork for what it is, a bonding experience. And oh boy, can we bond, especially over food! Our normal routine is, he takes the meats and does the "manly" grilling, and I take the side veggies and a starch and try to work some magic. We end up making some pretty great food together and I would say over the last 10 years the cooking together routine has not only increased our marital bond, but our waistlines as well, which brings us to our second favorite activity together, the gym!


Stephanie and Troy Merchant

Stephanie and NAME Merchant

My husband and I were both 50 pounds overweight and dealing with the consequences of living an unhealthy lifestyle. I was moody, irritable, on antidepressants and heart medication and had other ailments due to weight (achy knees and lower back pain). My husband was one back procedure away from surgery and had no energy left after he got home from work. And our relationship was more like two ships passing in the night. But, everything changed. We stopped relying on prepackaged foods and going out to eat so much. We got back in the kitchen and learned about real, whole foods. We both lost the 50 extra pounds. I changed careers and became a health coach to help other moms and families and he found his inner athlete and now runs half marathons and is a triathlete. Among all of that, we fell in love all over again.

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Comments on "True story: Cooking together did wonders for my marriage"

Stacey September 06, 2013 | 8:27 AM

WOW! Stephanie and Troy your story is so inspirational!!! What a beautiful story of love and health!!! I LOVE how you fell in love again as you became the best versions of yourselves together!!! That's wonderful!!!

Stephanie Merchant September 06, 2013 | 6:55 AM

Thank you for including our story. I hope we inspire other couples to realize that it is never too late for a new beginning. You can learn more about our transformation at The Nutrition Mom dot com.

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