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Sure, the ChristanMingle.com commercial has been all the rage because of its ridiculous theme song. JDate.com is a stellar option for "members of the tribe." PlentyOfFish.com gained notoriety for being one of the only free dating sites out there. But what about apps?

If you're a single person with very little time to go out to meet someone, let alone sit at your computer to try and meet someone, there's a glimmer of hope for you: dating on the go with an app! From iPhone to Android, here are some dating app options that aren't as commercialized as the big boys. It's not always about the www!




imo.im connects you with people who have similar interests and keeps in touch with people you already have relationships with. Their biggest feature is called 'Broadcasts' and it incorporates social discovery to connect users with people, information, news and topics they care about. Isn't this a great way to spark a conversation with people who enjoy the same things you do?




The Huffington Post called Tinder a verb. And, it's true. Every single person I know talks about it. Tinder uses your location to let you know who else is single around you and connects you if both parties are interested. It has chat and messaging services. It's simple and clean cut. Isn't that the type of relationship you're looking for?




If you're in Boston, DC, or NYC, check out Hinge. This dating app is for young professionals and introduces users to their friends' single friends using social proximity to optimize matches.




Swoon is another dating app that's made its way onto the social scene. This app allows users to connect with cool people nearby with a "portfolio of people" and claims to double your chances of potential matches/dates. Like someone you see? Swipe right. Not interested? Swipe left. If you spark a mutual connection, Swoon notifies both parties and then you can message each other directly.




Likemind also uses proximity to find interested parties, but takes it one step further by including activities. Users can browse or post personal "flyers" which outline what you're looking for based on a topic, interest or activity. Could be as specific as "Who wants to see a movie tonight" or as general as "Just on here looking to meet new people." The flyers have six tabs (to resemble an actual flyer) and a user can only have six replies at a time. Users can answer if interested. Pretty neat, right?

If you think these are the only apps out there, you're wrong. Dating apps are the new big thing. So when you're "checking in" to your local watering hole, make sure you "check out" the singles around you!

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wonderful apps, thanks for sharing this blog

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Technology will continue to evolve as will s and apps. s aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They are just too convenient as well and time and cost saving.

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