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A lube that can prevent vaginal infections

When it comes to sex and women, one of the biggest issues is proper and safe lubrication, to avoid problems… down there. It is a known fact for women that some lubricants can cause vaginal infections and lead to more serious health problems. However, aloe-based lube doesn't cause problems and is actually good for your body.

An Indiana University study involving 2,453 women ages 18 to 68 found that lubricant use during sexual activity alone or with a partner contributed to higher ratings of pleasurable and satisfying sex. Personal lubricants have long been recommended to women to improve the comfort of sexual intercourse and to reduce the risk of vaginal tearing, yet strikingly little available data is available on women's use of lubricants as associated with vaginal symptoms. The problem with certain lubricants is that, yes, they can cause vaginal infections.

The good, the bad and the ugly

According to a study by the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal, published in 2013, the use of certain over-the-counter products, such as vaginal lubricants, has resulted in a 22 percent increase in bacterial vaginosis and a 44 percent increase in yeast. Another study from the University of Pittsburgh, published in December 2012, concluded that certain petrochemical-based lubricant brands like K-Y Jelly cause significant damage and tearing of vaginal cells and an increased risk for procuring outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases and developing yeast infections. However, the one personal lubricant the study proved to be safest for women's health was Good Clean Love.

Good Clean LoveThe healthy alternative

Good Clean Love was proven to protect women's health and is highly recommended by healthcare professionals and sex therapists nationwide. Formulated with an organic aloe base, Good Clean Love lubricants are free of parabens, glycerin, silicon and petrochemicals. Unlike other lubricants that cause vaginal tissues to dry up and tear, Good Clean Love lubricants protect the moisture that is naturally found in sensitive tissues.

Good Clean Love lubricants are available in Almost Naked, Cinnamon Vanilla and Lavender scents. All Good Clean Love lubricants are safe for use with latex and toys, during pregnancy and are cruelty free.

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