14 Gorgeous Phone Cases You Need to Buy Right Now

In need of a new case to keep your phone both safe and stylish? Consider one of these cheeky covers whenever you need to give your cell a fun, fierce makeover. 

This post was sponsored by Cricket Wireless. 

In full disclosure, this phone case may make people chant, "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!" (Human, $26)

Cat lovers won't have to, ahem, give much paws over this parody case. (Human, $26)

For those days when you've literally got no fox left to give. (Human, $26)

This rainbow-hued case has grl pwr and nostalgic appeal in spades. (Society6, $35)

Kick it old school and be the envy of all '90s kids with a Gameboy case. (Human, $26)

What a nice reminder that we're all in this together!(Society6, $35)

Yes, it can be Taco Tuesday every day. (Human, $32)

Everything about this case is out of this world. (Human, $32)

Sometimes, you just need some sparkle. (Society6, $35)

Because we all have an inner mermaid. (Society6, $35)

Your phone is more of a camera than anything, right? (Society6, $35)