These Gifts Are Perfect for Your Best Friend (& You'll Want One of Each Too)

Our friends: What would we do without them? If we didn't have our BFFs, we'd be destined to roam this crazy existence alone — and wandering this world would not be nearly as enjoyable if we didn't have someone who laughed at all the same stupid stuff we do. Or to commiserate with all the injustices we encounter. Or vent to about work. Or complain to about family problems. Seriously, we could go on forever.

Still, we spend more time chatting and hanging out with our best friends than anyone else, and we know them (and they know us) better than any single person that exists, so why are they sometimes so hard to shop for? It seems like picking the perfect gift should be easy, but it's not. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Originally published November 2016. Updated November 2017.

Rosanna Chez Elle clear and gold booze decanter, $54 at Lulus

This book about a group of lifelong friends is touching, and she'll think of you every time she reads it.

Where: Amazon

Cost: $8.72

This adorable downloadable book is filled with coupons like "good for one hiking adventure" and "good for one evening on the town."

Where: PrintsofLife/Etsy

Cost: $5

She'll be there for you... if you get her this adorable mug.

Where: FranklyNoted/Etsy

Cost: $25.50 for the set of 2

If you and your PIC arer into kickass Marvel superheros, this ones for you.

Where: BombDotComGeekery/Etsy

Cost: $26

Scarves are cozy and cute, and you'll know how to pick out one that complements her style perfectly.

Where: Anthropologie

Cost: $198

These Sterling silver friendship knot rings come in a pack of two. Perfect!

Where: Katstudio/Etsy

Cost: $32

Pick up the tab for your guys' next movie date.

Where: Available for purchase at any IMAX box office, or by calling (916) 443-4629 x0

Cost: Available in any denomination

This cheese board and matching copper knives will add a touch of class to your next cheese and wine affair.

Where: Crate & Barrel

Cost: $49.95

Speaking of wine...

This season, this handy-dandy gift box comes with salted caramel brulee sauce, a jar of extra dark chocolate, a peanut butter honey sea salt jar, and a bottle of 2013 Dime 100 meritage. Pure bliss.

Where: Winc

Cost: $55

If your BFF is more of a tea sipper than a wine guzzler, than this monthly subscription sampling box will be right up her alley. The company makes it easy for you to purchase a one, three, or six month subscription for a friend.

Where: Tea Sparrow

Cost: $20 to $25 a month, depending on the subscription

Nothing's better than a good hot soak in the winter, especially when Osmia's Recovery Salt Bath is involved.

Where: Petit Vour

Cost: $29

This "I was meant to live in Stars Hollow" T is just too perfect for the Gilmore Girls fan in your life. The same company also has a set of two shirts that read "You're the Lorelai..." on one and "...To my Sookie" on the other.

Where: I Love Apparel

Cost: $22.99

Champagne flues with a rose gold stem? Yes, please!

Where: AlliExpress

Cost: $25.95 for the pair

Hitting up Soul Cycle for a party on a bike is the best way to spend Friday night with your BFF, and they make it super easy to send an electronic gift card. No Soul Cycle in your area? Just search for any spin, yoga, pilates or hot barre that's near you!

Where: Soul Cycle

Cost: You pick the amount

Because after your Soul Cycle class, you probably will get pizza.

Where: Shop Bop

Cost: $20

So she can have hard copies of all the selfies you guys have taken together.

Where: Amazon

Cost: $99.99

Also for long distance pals, these mugs are beyond precious.

Where: SincerelyEunice/Etsy

Cost: $29.99 for the pair

Whip up some cosmos and go to town watching the complete Sex and the City series with your BFF.

Where: Amazon

Cost: $54.96