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You will treasure your Legacy Keepers book for years!

Don't forget those sweet moments

You will treasure your Legacy Keepers book for years!

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As a new mother or mother-to-be, you've probably heard the phrase from other parents: “they grow up so fast.” Time has a way of getting away from us, but Legacy Keepers can help you savor those special moments of your pregnancy or your child’s milestones by creating an audio CD, hardcover book or HD video.

We make it easy for you to capture the emotions during the days leading up to the birth, your baby’s first steps and that tear-jerking moment when he or she utters “mom” for the first time.

Here's how Legacy Keepers can help capture your baby’s story:  

  • Don’t forget those sweet moments. Children grow at an astounding speed. We can help you create a pregnancy, birth or first-year story so that those precious moments can continue to bring you joy for years to come.  
  • Keepsake to share. Your video, book or audio keepsake is something you can share with grandparents and pass down to your child once he or she is older.
  • We do the work. Maybe you intended to create a baby book for your child, but he has already taken his first steps, and now you can't find the time. We understand you’re busy, so we make it easy to create something so meaningful.

The winner will receive one Legacy Book with a 2-hour interview plus a family tree and 10 additional photos to the book! 

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Contest start date: April 09, 2012
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