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Whether you have a job interview or you just want to impress your boss, these 100 words will show people you're a savvy, capable woman.

71. Ramification

Definition: results, consequences or implications

Example: As she drove back to work, Catriona was nervous about the ramifications of losing her company's biggest client.

72. Red herring

Definition: something intended to divert attention from the actual problem or situation

Example: To prevent the competition from knowing what they were really working on, the tech company introduced a red herring in the form of a false rumor.

73. Rejoinder

Definition: a clever or witty response

Example: Emily's sparkling rejoinders made her popular with the group very quickly.

74. Reticent

Definition: reluctant to speak or speak freely (often confused with reluctant, which means unwilling)

Example: Laura was reticent on the subject of her children because her son is in jail.

75. Rhetoric

Definition: the effective use of speech, especially that which is exaggerated to make a potentially erroneous point

Example: Despite the fact that Leslie agreed with Tom's analysis, she distanced herself from his over-the-top rhetoric.

76. Rife

Definition: abundant, abounding; prevalent

Example: The store was rife with customers, so the manager was forced to open a new register.

77. Ruminate

Definition: to think about something thoroughly and in great detail

Example: Elysia ruminated about her hiring decision for several days before choosing raw talent over experience.

78. Sanguine

Definition: accepting even negative circumstances with a positive attitude

Example: While it would make her job more difficult, Theresa was sanguine when she was told she'd have to complete the project a week earlier than expected.

79. Spartan

Definition: sternly disciplined, rigorously simple, frugal or austere

Example: He made plenty of money, yet lead a Spartan lifestyle in his 600-square-foot apartment and drove an early model Honda Civic to work each day.

80. Stalwart

Definition: a loyal and reliable member or supporter

Example: Even after she retired as librarian, Pearl remained a stalwart supporter of local book drives.

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Comments on "100 Words that instantly make you sound smarter"

Barbara July 23, 2013 | 3:38 PM

... or that you're an insecure person who uses big words when small ones will do!

Amy July 17, 2013 | 12:19 PM

On #28, it uses "mail" instead of "male". I suppose spell check missed it?

Cristina Sierra July 17, 2013 | 10:04 AM

Great list! I like the word "remunerate" - it's a fancy word that means "pay me". Great for women in business that don't love negotiating / talking about compensation.

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