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Whether you have a job interview or you just want to impress your boss, these 100 words will show people you're a savvy, capable woman.

1. Acrimony

Definition: Bitterness, especially in vocabulary or mannerisms

Example: The discussion began with such acrimony, it was clear to the lawyer this was going to be a tense contract negotiation.

2. Acquiesce

Definition: consent without objection, even after previously objecting

Example: When the salesman realized he was going to lose the sale unless he threw in a free tire rotation that the customer wanted, he acquiesced.

3. Adept

Definition: being highly skilled or well trained in a particular discipline; an expert

Example: She's an adept graphic designer and was headhunted by a rival company.

4. Adulation

Definition: excessive praise, admiration or flattery

Example: The adulation from thousands of excited fans faced by Justin Bieber would make most people uncomfortable, but he seems to enjoy it.

5. Ambivalent

Definition: uncertainty when choosing between two options (often involving fluctuating or contradictory emotions)

Example: Sienna knew she had to make a decision, but she just felt ambivalent, so she flipped a coin.

6. Anomaly

Definition: abnormality, often a red flag that there may be a greater issue

Example: Jennifer found an anomaly in the profit projections that proved to be evidence of embezzlement.

7. Avant-garde

Definition: unorthodox, experimental or progressive work in any field (usually relating to the arts) or the group who forwards the concept (Tim Burton or E.E. Cummings)

Example: The new ad agency's concept may be too avant-garde for our more traditional image.

8. Axiomatic

Definition: obvious or self-evident; based on one or more axioms

Example: It's axiomatic that great salespeople have solid communication skills.

9. Bourgeois/bourgeoisification/bourgeoisify

Definition: striving for but lacking the sophistication of the ultra rich while also lacking the "authenticity" of the working class (often a pejorative term in the U.S.)

Example: The bourgeois attitude of modern culture has changed how many high-end retailers do business.

10. Byzantine

Definition: devious and surreptitious operation

Example: Lauren's high personal ethics made it difficult for her to work for such a byzantine company, so she tendered her resignation.

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Comments on "100 Words that instantly make you sound smarter"

Barbara July 23, 2013 | 3:38 PM

... or that you're an insecure person who uses big words when small ones will do!

Amy July 17, 2013 | 12:19 PM

On #28, it uses "mail" instead of "male". I suppose spell check missed it?

Cristina Sierra July 17, 2013 | 10:04 AM

Great list! I like the word "remunerate" - it's a fancy word that means "pay me". Great for women in business that don't love negotiating / talking about compensation.

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