DIY coffee filter flowers

DIY coffee filter flowers

From filters to fab spring flowers

Love how a floral bouquet transforms your table or desk but hate how quickly the fresh flowers die? Skip the florist and make an everlasting spring bouquet with coffee filters!

These gorgeous coffee filter flowers are a breeze to make and are easy on the wallet too. All you need to transform filters to spring flowers is a pack of coffee filters, scissors and masking tape! Add some color by painting the white flowers with pastel watercolors.



  • Brown and white coffee filters
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Straws or chopsticks (optional)


For peonies



Group 5 filters and fold

Grab five filters from your stack and press them down so they are easier to fold.

Coffee filter


Then, fold the stack of filters in half and then in half again to create quarters.


fold again


Cut scalloped edges, separate and twist

Cut scallops or points into the top of the filters. This will give the flowers petals.

cut edges


Lay the filters flat again. Remove one filter from the bunch and pinch it from the center and twist to make a pointed end. (This will bunch the scalloped edge together, looking like the center of a flower.)

fold and snip

Gather the rest of the filters together and fold in quarters again. Snip off the pointed edge and lay flat again. (Filters will have a small hole in the center.)


Slide other filters around center and bunch them

One by one, slide the flower center with the pointed end into the cut-out circle of the other filters. Twist and squish each filter together as you add them. The finished product will look very similar to a peony.

cut hole in center

fan out

fan out



Using masking tape, tape the twisted end together. Then tape the twisted end to a chopstick or straw to create a stem.

tape bottom

holding stem

For roses



Fold 3 filters in half

Fold three filters in half and separate them.

Fold in half


Wrap filters and tape

Fold the edge of one filter by folding one side in about one third of the way.

wrap into cone shape

Then, loosely wrap the filter into a cone shape, twisting the end into a point.

wrap filters

Loosely wrap the remaining two filters around the center filter, twisting the bottoms so they stick together.

twist and tape

Tape the twisted end together to hold it and then tape the rose to a chopstick for a stem. Once done, gather roses together and create a centerpiece!

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Comments on "DIY coffee filter flowers"

carol thacker October 29, 2013 | 7:56 AM

I use colored cupcake papers folded the same way and no paint needed...

carol thacker October 29, 2013 | 7:54 AM

To give my flowers some extra color I use colored cupcake papers folded the same way!! No paint to deal with!!

betty wood June 16, 2013 | 1:50 PM

why cant I download this coffee pattern

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