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It’s time to bring the luck of the Irish to your St. Patrick’s Day bash! You can make these shamrock streamer garlands in just a few simple steps, leaving you plenty of time for Guinness drinking and pot o’ gold finding!


  • Green Crepe Paper Streamers
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Pencil



Cut a piece of your streamers to your desired length and fold it, accordion style, so each section is 2” wide.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day shamrock streamers -- Step 1


With the folded edges facing left and right, draw a shamrock shape (Made up of three heart shapes and a stem) on top of your folded streamers. As pictured, the top of the left and right “leaves” should extend slightly over the folded edges. (Alternatively you can make a shamrock template to the appropriate size and trace instead!)

DIY St. Patrick’s Day shamrock streamers -- Step 2


Carefully cut around your shamrock shape, leaving the extended leaves on the left and right uncut and attached. This is very important!

DIY St. Patrick’s Day shamrock streamers -- Step 3


Unfold your streamers and you now have an adorable shamrock garland for all your St. Patrick’s Day needs! Use them to fancy up your chairs, string them along the bar or make a plethora as a photo booth backdrop.

DIY St. Patrick’s Day shamrock streamers -- Step 4

Final product

Final product


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