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Let's face it. LED and CFL bulbs are far from pretty, but the light they emit is really a beautiful thing. Both types of bulbs cut back energy use while offering the same lighting as a traditional incandescent bulb, causing less harm to the environment and decreasing your carbon footprint. But is it possible for those same lights to be chic, too? Whether you're looking to revamp your house or green up your life, these energy-efficient lights offer the best of both worlds.

Glide twist lights

Glide TwistTogether Cubes

These cubes stay true to their name. The blocks twist together and are completed shapeable and customizable for your unique space, plus they use the power of low-voltage LED lights to stay eco friendly. The soft light is perfect for any space that needs highlighting. Sold in sets of four, the cubes are sold in both bright primary colors for kids' rooms and demure neutrals for the rest of the home (the TwistTogether Store, $105).

retro circle light fixture

Retro Circles ceiling light

Forget overhead track lighting. What's old is new again! This adorable overhead retro light provides LED lighting that will ensure bulbs won't burn out as quickly as traditional incandescents do in the kitchen. The brushed chrome finish makes it a great fit in just about any style of house, and although it's retro, it's also thoroughly modern (Lamps Plus, $400).

crescent led lamp

Crescent LED desk lamp

You can put it on your desk or you can put it in your living room. This crescent shaped LED lamp offers the power of a 3 Watt bulb with the chic curvaceous design that would fit any modern home aesthetic. Available in neutrals white and black, there's no need to worry about ruining your color scheme (Zoostores, $72).

red stacked light stones

Red "Stone" outdoor lamp

Make your garden glow or poolside shimmer with lovely red light with this outdoor LED designed to look like stacked stones. The soft light emits a candle-like effect, giving a soft glow to those nights with friends and a couple of bottles of wine. Energy efficiency is combined with the durability of outdoor light. These "stones" can be submerged in up to two meters of water without any problems (, $239).

Smart and Green Cordless Rock LEDs

Turn any indoor or outdoor spot to a romantic getaway with the soft lighting emitted from these waterproof, rechargeable "rocks." Place them in your living room during a dinner with your sweetheart or in the pool for a late night swim. These shock-proof lights are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality (Sears, $250).

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