There really aren't many things in life that rival the excitement of getting engaged, but once all the initial butterflies wear off, reality sets in — and the realization of how much work you have ahead hits like a brick wall. Without proper wedding checklists, planning out your perfect day can be a total recipe for a huge meltdown — especially if you're a type A personality.

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Girl, it's time to break out that printer and print off some checklists. They're going to help you get organized and make sure everything is in order so you can sleep soundly at night.

We've gathered more than two dozen of the best workbooks, checklists and wedding guides out there. Download them, print them or just pin 'em to your Pinterest board.

1. Martha Stewart wedding workbook

Of course, we’ve started our list off with a bang. Who is Martha Stewart if not the Goddess of Gorgeous Weddings? Martha’s downloadable wedding workbook is free and free-king amazing when it comes to attention to detail.

2. Oliverink wedding planning checklist

If thinking of the next year of your engaged life causes a mini panic attack, head on over to Etsy to purchase and download this best-selling printable PDF for just a few dollars. The 17-page, hand-designed wedding checklist might just become your new Wedding Bible. (Etsy, $3)

3. MarryThis! wedding planning timeline

This free timeline printable will keep everything — and everyone — chugging along smoothly, especially as you get closer to your wedding date.

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4. Wedding dress timeline checklist

Inquiring brides need to know when to try on gowns, when to buy, when to alter and so much more.

5. Real Simple wedding budget workbook

For the ladies who find themselves already going over on their wedding budget, as always, there’s a checklist for that. Real Simple’s user-friendly wedding budgeting worksheet helps to track your ongoing spending, while factoring in vendor estimates.

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Originally published January 2013. Updated July 2017.

6. The 6-month engagement wedding checklist

While many traditional wedding planning guides break down an engagement into a 12 or 18-month period, this quickie printable condenses it to 6.

7. Wedding cost checklist

A super-simple, one-page wedding cost checklist to help you review your total budget at-a-glance.

8. Wedding planner and guide

Trust that this incredibly detailed worksheet will help you to cover all your bases when you’re up worrying about your wedding deets at three in the morning.

9. The basic wedding planning checklist

Though minimal, this detailed wedding planning checklist includes categories for apparel, flowers, stationery, rings, reception, ceremony, rehearsal dinner, photography and more.

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10. The complete wedding planning checklist

“Happiness is being organized,” and this free printable organizes by wedding date, wedding budget, wedding style, wedding party and more.

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11. Editable wedding planning checklist

This “ultimate” and editable wedding planning checklist is geared toward DIY brides who may have a few more special projects to do, besides the usual stuff like ordering flowers and tasting wedding cake.

12. Weekly wedding to-do list

Use this cute and convenient printable to break down the biggest and most stressful wedding tasks, week-by-week.

13. The wedding planning kit

The one-stop-shop of wedding planning will only cost you $20. This complete 41-page printable and editable wedding planning kit was designed by a fellow bride who successfully planned her own wedding at a budget kept under $5,000, thanks to her ninja-organizing skills. (Paper and Oats, $20)

14. Wedding photography checklist

Trust Shutterfly to know which beautiful moments (and when) should be captured on your big day.

15. Wedding music checklist

Choosing the most bomb wedding playlist is hard, yet this handy printable makes it so easy.

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16. Printable wedding guestbook

This is kind of like a printable checklist, only better — because it’s a wedding guestbook. And it’s free. And did we mention that it’s printable?

17. Wedding table assignments

A free PDF printable to help you tackle one of the hardest wedding planning jobs of all: deciding who is and who isn’t going to sit at the same table.

18. 50 things not to forget at your wedding

The printable name says it all — and the download is totally free.

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19. Wedding day essentials checklist

Use this photographer’s cheat sheet to put together your own “wedding emergency kit” for your big day.

20. Bride’s wedding day timeline

This easy-peasy printable timeline can be given to your maid of honor to make sure the pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception hours run smooth.

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21. Wedding timeline wheel

A DIY wedding timeline wheel — used as a free printable organizer — might be the cutest thing to happen to your big day.

22. Name change checklist

After the rice has been thrown and the first kiss has been exchanged, the grown-up side of wedding planning begins. Meaning, once you get home and started unpacking all the gifts, you’re going to have to figure out how to change your name and update all your personal documents. This legal name change checklist, with a free printable PDF, makes it easy.

23. The ultimate honeymoon checklist

Just kidding — there’s still plenty of fun to be had after you get hitched, starting with a delightful honeymoon on some tropical beach somewhere. This helpful checklist will lighten the load of wedding and honeymoon planning combined by telling you exactly what to pack.

24. Carry-on checklist

The simple air travel checklist every honeymooner wished they had — and never knew they needed.

25. The master honeymoon checklist

P.S. If you’re really a type A bride, you can use this detailed checklist to take your honeymoon packing to the next level.