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Between the useful functions your iPhone serves and the entertainment it provides, you might have your iPhone glued to your hand during your waking hours. We do, too. You've heard the saying "There's an app for that" — and there is! We're bringing you fun and useful apps for your iPhone every week. Today, we're sharing five apps for naming your baby.

Are you in search of the perfect baby name for your upcoming bundle of joy? These fun iPhone apps offer some wonderful baby name ideas that you may not have considered yet.

Baby Names

Baby Names app

Simply named Baby Names, this app lets you to browse through thousands of baby name options in an easy-to-use format. It provides the names along with origin, meaning, pronunciation and popularity. This baby naming app also offers a variety of categorical idea lists, the ability to search and browse using a number of different filters and a very intuitive interface. This free app also allows you to share your favorite baby names via email or Twitter.

Price: Free

50,000 Baby Names

50,000 Baby Names app

This free iPhone app allows you to browse baby names by origin or search by keyword, see similar sounding names, view a variety of baby name lists and filter, sort and search in many other ways. You can also store your favorite names, create and add your own custom name, share favorites by email and sort by popularity. The 50,000 Baby Names app has a random name generator as well — perfect for when you think you've exhausted all possibilities. You just might find a terrific name that you've never considered before.

Price: Free

Kick to Pick

Kick to Pick

That's right — your soon-to-be-born baby can help pick his/her own name. This fun app monitors your baby's movements to allow your bump to join in the fun of baby naming. With Kick to Pick, you select a list of names, lie down and then place your iPhone over your baby bump. Hit the start button to activate the app. As it scans through the list of names, when it detects enthusiasm and movement from your bump, it will identify and display your baby's "choice" of name.

Price: 99 cents

Baby Middle Name Generator

Baby Middle Name Generator

Many parents find it easy to pick a first name, only to get stumped when trying to find the perfect middle name to go with it. If you are looking for just the right middle name for your little one, the Baby Middle Name Generator app is here to help. This app includes all the most popular baby names from the past couple years along with traditional favorites to generate middle names to go along with your favorite first names and your last name.

Price: 99 cents

Vampire Baby Name Generator

Vampire Baby Name Generator app

Everyone loves a good vampire name these days. If you are looking for a vampire-inspired name for your baby beyond Edward and Bella, this fun baby name app has the answers. The Vampire Baby Name Generator from Sugar Coded Apps will deliver hundreds of immortal sounding names that are ideal for little boys and ghouls. This fun app is a favorite among fans of Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries and the more traditional vampire films.

Price: 99 cents

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Comments on "Best apps for the iPhone: Baby name apps"

Julia July 11, 2013 | 5:10 PM

I have Baby Middle Name Generator on my iPhone. I'm not pregnant, but I love adding to my list of names! :)

Hannah January 03, 2013 | 6:44 PM

Very cool! I will definitely be downloading a few of these when I get pregnant with baby number 2.

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