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We’re giving a big ROAR-out to Cheri Heaton: wife to her own biker boy, mom of two amazing superheroes and the lioness behind the popular blog, I Am Momma Hear Me Roar. She's here to share some of her best photography tips for mom-togs.

Here are a few of Cheri's roar-worthy photography tips, from one mom-tog to another.

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Blogger: Cheri Magill
Blogs at: IAmMommaHearMe

Loves: Root beer floats
We love: Her boy-friendly crafts and ability to get us pumped up about any project

Roar-worthy photo tip 1

Get real with your photos! Don’t be afraid to capture real, un-posed moments as they make for the best memories. One of my favorite poses is grabbing a picture from behind and snagging that super sweet moment between my subjects.

Roar-worthy photo tip 2

Embrace the light and make sure it’s natural! Find a great spot in your house with bright but indirect light. I prefer to let the sun do the work because using the camera’s flash tends to create harsh shadows.

Cheri's photo tips

Roar-worthy photo tip 3

Take a clear photo and let editing do the rest. You may not be a Photoshop whiz, but lucky for you there are plenty of free software editing tools out there. Once you’ve snapped a great, clear and well-lit picture, try a few common photo editing techniques and you’ll have an incredible shot.

Inside tip

Cheri has amazing step-by-step Picnik tutorials here but unfortunately, Picnik is no more! The theories are still the same, though, so check them out. Then check out her tricks for using her new free software editing pick: iPiccy.

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Photo credit (top): Katie Dudley Photography


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Comments on "I Am Momma Hear Me Roar photo tips"

Tamra September 19, 2012 | 10:05 AM

Excellent article! I need all the picture-taking inspiration I can get because I don’t take enough photos. I want to be able to capture some memories so I have something to show my kids someday. Thanks for pointing me towards Cheri’s blog, I will definitely make sure to check it out.

Leslie September 19, 2012 | 8:48 AM

Great great article! I love reading about how bloggers take photos. I edit my photos with picmonkey. It's very similar to picnik. Thanks for the tips!

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