What to do in Seattle

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Seattle's tourist hot spots

Washington's best-known city on the water boasts more than its famous public market. Visit Seattle for great food, fun, culture and plenty of tourist hot spots.

If you've never been to Seattle, it is definitely one place that should be added to your must-visit list.

This city on Washington's coast seems to pull you in and will keep you coming back time after time. The good news is that there's always something fun to do in Seattle, even if you've visited before. Whether you're visiting tourist attractions, dining on fresh seafood, checking out the local art and culture or just people watching at the market, you will never be bored.

Space Needle

Space Needle

One of the most quintessential things to do when visiting Seattle is to take the long elevator ride up to the top of its most iconic landmark, the Space Needle. Built for the 1962 World's Fair, it is 605 feet at its highest point. Out on the observation deck at 520 feet above the ground, you'll be rewarded with views of Mt. Rainier, Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountains, Seattle's incredible downtown skyline and more. Inside, you'll find the history of the Space Needle, fun facts and even a restaurant. SkyCity Restaurant, which turns 360 degrees, offers dining at 500 feet. Visit on weekdays or in the mornings to avoid the long lines that can form later in the day.

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Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Another famous not-to-be-missed spot in Seattle is Pike Place Market. This public market is home of the well-known fish-throwing fishmongers, as well as countless farmers and merchants selling fresh produce, flowers, seafood, handmade crafts, gifts and more. There are also several restaurants at the market, all situated along the waters of Elliot Bay. If you're lucky enough to have a kitchen where you're staying, walk to Pike Place and pick up all the ingredients you'll need for that night's fresh, local dinner. It doesn't get much better than that.

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EMP Museum

EMP Museum

Music lovers, take note: This is the attraction for you. The Experience Music Project is an interactive museum dedicated to music history. Before even setting foot inside the building, you will be awed by the incredible architecture designed by Frank Gehry. Once inside, you will find yourself immersed in popular music history, particularly rock 'n' roll. The museum, named after the Jimi Hendrix band, features Hendrix along with other Seattle-based artists and the grunge music scene, showcasing the local talent that has come and gone. There is plenty of memorabilia to admire, as well as interactive exhibits where you can play your own music. For adults and kids alike, the EMP Museum is a place to have fun and explore your musical side.

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Comments on "What to do in Seattle"

Amy September 19, 2012 | 10:25 AM

I have never been to Seattle but I have wanted to go for quite some time. I love tall heights and good views so I know I would like the Space Needle. The rotating restaurant sounds spectacular! My kids would also get a kick out of the music museum. Taking them on a tour of that place would allow me to teach them about the music of my generation in a very hands-on way. Thanks for this article about what to do in Seattle!

Shannon September 19, 2012 | 9:57 AM

I've heard the space needle isn't really all that great; but the farmers market and pike's place are incredible! There's so much to do in Seattle, so make sure you're there for a good 4 days minimum.

Erin September 19, 2012 | 9:56 AM

I have been dying to go to Seattle. It's been number one on my list since I can remember! Thanks for the reminder that I need to get out there ASAP!

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