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A wedding is, no doubt, one of the biggest (and best) moments of a couple's life. You plan every detail meticulously, spend months exercising and eating right and hours the night before ensuring all the centerpieces are perfect. After such a stressful (albeit beautiful) day, you two deserve one heck of a honeymoon. However, in today's economy, many couples are having to push back honeymoons due to finances. Don't skip that much-deserved romantic week off. Instead, check out these five amazing (and very affordable) honeymoon destinations.

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Montenegro, Italy


Don't let the misconception that European honeymoons are extravagant or overly expensive stop you from exploring Europe. When traveling in abroad, avoid the high tourist spots, like Venice, Rome and Paris as these places are typically more expensive to stay, eat and play in. Instead, why not visit the Montenegro? In the quaint city of Ulcinj you'll find Long Beach, a beautiful serene stretch of beach that is said to have medicinal qualities. You can also take a day trip to Lake Skadar National Park, which is a stunning park nestled among mountains and fresh water. On your way back to town, stop along the fields of olive vines and visit Cetinje, which is home to two magnificent monasteries. Instead of cabs or expensive shuttles, rent a motorbike (some start at just €20 a day — around $25 to 30 US) and travel around the countryside. Hit up a local market, pack a picnic and dine for free among some of the most beautiful views in the world in the Tara River Canyon. For just $75 dollars a night, stay in the hostels at Contessa, which are upgraded suites and apartments with private bathrooms and balconies.

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Comments on "Top honeymoon destinations for the frugal couple"

Beth D. March 14, 2014 | 11:51 AM

I just checked flights to Montenegro from the Midwest, and the lowest price per person was $9500!!!! Maybe it's cheap once you're there, but I have never seen airfare so high in my life!

Ashley January 14, 2014 | 10:59 AM

I've been to all but Quebec, and I live an hour drive from Charleston, but trust me when I say I found Argentina to be one of the most frugal places I have ever visted that still had a whim of romanticisim to it.

Beth March 16, 2013 | 3:54 PM

I've always heard how beautiful south carolina is to visit. Might have to check that out next to me and the hubby plan the vacation.

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