Father’s Day shirt card

Father's Day shirt card

DIY Father’s Day gift idea

This year skip the real shirt and tie for dad and show him some love with a homemade Father’s Day card. Get step-by-step instructions for making a Father’s Day shirt card.


  • Decorative paper for shirt (8-1/2 x 11-inch cardstock was used here)
  • Decorative paper for accessories
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided craft tape

Optional Materials:

  • Bone folder
  • Hole punch
  • Decorative wrapping paper
  • Instructions for DIY Father’s Day shirt card

Throughout the craft, it's important to create crisp folds. A bone folder can help make this easier.

Step 1: Create vertical folds

If using decorative paper, turn the paper over so the right side is facing down. Fold the paper in half.

Father's Day shirt card: Step 1 fold in half

Lay the paper flat and fold each side up into the center fold. Open up paper and lay it flat.

Father's Day shirt card: Creating vertical folds

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Step 2: Fold bottom corners

Take the bottom left-hand corner and fold it in to the first fold line. Repeat on the other side.

Father's Day shirt card:Fold up bottom corners

Close the folds back up so the outside sides align with the center fold.

Father's Day shirt card:Fold outside sides in

Is dad a gadget guy? Make him an iDad Father's Day card!

Step 3: Create sleeves

Take the bottom side of the paper and fold it up just beyond the upside-down V. Make a nice, crisp fold.

Father's Day shirt card:Fold up bottom portion

Open bottom fold out again.

Where the paper joins in the middle of the center V, take the inside point and fold it out to the left side edge of paper.

Father's Day shirt card:Bring inside corner to outside edge

Repeat on the other side. Note: the paper will come up slightly on the bottom.

Father's Day shirt card: Fold up bottom corners

Take the bottom of the paper and fold it up to just beyond the upside down V. Crease it nice and sharp.

Father's Day shirt card: Fold up to V

These sweater cookies for Father's Day will look great with his shirt card.

Step 4: Create the collar

Flip the paper over and go to the top. Fold the top portion over about 1/2-inch (approximating the measurement is fine) so there is a crease at the top.

Father's Day shirt card: Turn card over and fold top

Flip the paper over so the top crease is to the back. Bring the top left corner to the center fold so that it creates a triangle shape.

Father's Day shirt card:Creating a collar

Repeat on the right side. Make sure folds are sharp.

Father's Day shirt card: Creating a collar

Step 5: Complete the shirt

Bring the bottom end up and tuck it underneath the top flaps (the shirt collar). Now you have your basic shirt shape!

Father's Day shirt card: Fold up bottom of shirt

Step 6: Add a personal message

To add a personal message inside the card, cut out a piece of cardstock that can fit inside the card. The one used here is approximately 3-1/2 inches by 5-1/2 inches. Secure it to shirt with glue or double-sided tape. Write dad a note.

Father's Day shirt card: Add personal message

Step 7: Accessorize the shirt

Add embellishments to the outside of the shirt to give it some of dad’s style. Ideas to consider include a tie, pocket, bowtie, or buttons.

To make a tie: cut a 1/2-inch strip of decorative paper. If you know how to knot a tie, now’s the time to show your skills. If not, fake it by looping strip around the top until a faux knot is created.

Father's Day shirt card: Loop paper to make a tie

Father's Day shirt card: Tying a tie knot

Snip the bottom corners of the paper to create a pointed end. Secure to shirt with a dab of glue or double sided tape.

Father's Day shirt card: Secure tie to shirt

Father's Day shirt card: Tie and hanky

To add a pocket, cut a small square of decorative paper and round-out the bottom edges (tip: use a circle template to get a round bottom). Using the same paper as the personalized message, free-hand cut a small shape to serve as the hanky. Secure it to the shirt with glue or sticky tape.

Father's Day shirt card: Striped tie and pocket hanky

Father's Day shirt card: Bowtie and buttons

To add a bowtie, cut a small rectangle and slightly snip the corners on a diagonal. Add buttons by using a hole punch. Secure it to the shirt with a dab of glue or sticky tape.

Father's Day shirt card: Bowtie and buttons

Father's Day shirt card: Made with wrapping paper

Wrapping paper also works as a substitute for cardstock or decorative scrapbooking paper. This one was made from leftover Christmas wrapping paper. Wrapping paper wrinkles a little easier, though, so if you're using it, plan to make one as a mockup or be very precise when making the first folds.

Father's Day shirt card: Plaid shirt

Final project: Father's Day shirt card

Father's Day shirt cards

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I spent HOURS making this thing its so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Adorable, a shame the instructions are ----.

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the fathers day card is sooooo good!!!!...

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My difficulty is with picture 7 & 8..mine looks horrid!

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going to make these with my little Rainbow's tomorrow night.... fab xx

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These instructions were much easier to follow than the other ones I had found. This is a very cute idea and it will be fun having the kids decorate these! Thank you.

Rhoda June 17, 2012 | 12:56 PM

This little craft is so ingenious and so CUTE!!! It reminds me of the origami animals I made with my mom when I was younger. My daughter is artistically inclined and I know she will love making this – and I know her father will love receiving it too! Even though my man isn’t simple or cheap, I nonetheless love how the project is easy and inexpensive to make.

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