Instead of spending money on a toy for your dog at those overpriced pet stores, make your own and free up room in your closet for new clothes! A win for both you and your pet!

Original tutorial provided by Craft Bits.


  • Old T-shirts or tank tops in assorted colors (I used three ribbed tank tops)
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut shirt into 20, 1 x 20-inch strips

Cut your shirt into 1 x 20-inch strips. You can use a measuring tape or a ruler to determine the length.

Step 2: Divide strips in half and layer

Divide the 20 strips in half, placing 10 in one pile and 10 in the other. Make sure the strips are all lined up evenly before you begin twisting.

Step 3: Twist sections together and knot!

Ensuring that the strips are evenly lined up, bunch each section together nicely and twist it with the other section. Then, once you are satisified with the length of the twisted rope, tie the bottom ends and top ends together in a large knot.

You want the excess pieces to hang out.

Once the knots have been tied, the toy is ready for playtime with your pet!

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