How to personalize jars & bottles

If you're like me, your kitchen has no shortage of empty wine bottles and jam and Mason jars, waiting to be used or tossed into the recycling. Instead of having those bottles go to waste or letting those jars collect dust for months, upcycle them with brightly colored paints and use them as centerpieces, vases, or pencil or kitchen utensil holders.

Painted mason jars

These beautiful jars and bottles not only make perfect additions to your home decor, they make great centerpieces for weddings, bridal showers and outdoor dinner parties. Plus you can completely customize the colors and finishes to match your style, theme and mood! This DIY tutorial features steps for spray paint and regular brush paint so you can change up the textures of each.

What you'll need: 


  • Mason jars and dry, empty wine bottles
  • Your choice of colored paint (spray, regular or both)
  • Paint brush
  • Cardboard or newspaper

To spray paint:

Step 1: Place jar/bottle lip side down

Make sure your jars and bottles are completely empty and dry. Place them lip-side down on a piece of newspaper or cardboard, or on the ground.


Step 2: Paint an even coat

Standing a few steps back from the jar/bottle, spray paint the jar from top to bottom, so it covers evenly. (I used a can that had two times the coverage to reduce the number of coats I had to do.) I did two of the jars with different colors simultaneously so they would dry at the same pace.

spray paint

spray paint



If you notice a bunch of air bubbles that aren't dripping off, point the spray paint can downward (starting at the top) and spray. This will push the air bubbles down to the bottom where they'll more easily drip off.

Step 3: Touch up & let dry

After the first coat has been applied, check to see if you've missed any spots. If so, spray over those, pointing downward, so the excess paint will drip off as it dries. Then place the jar/bottle in a dry spot so it can dry.

touch up

yellow dry

The jars will take about two hours to dry to the point they can be briefly touched, but will not be fully dry for about 16 to 24 hours.

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Comments on "DIY painted Mason jars & wine bottles"

Linda November 29, 2013 | 10:32 AM

What kind of paint do use use on painting mason jars, will flat paint do if I paint it on the outside I plan on putting small string of Christmas lights inside of the jar.... Thank You Linda

Bambi June 20, 2013 | 8:28 PM

I paint the "inside" of the bottles by mixing the paint with a little bit of modge podge. I pour it inside of the bottle or jar and turn it around and around until it is coated. Then I turn it upside down to drain and after it dries, I have my painted glass jar! I can wipe the outside of it and not worry about anything peeling off. The only caveat is that you cannot put any liquid into the vase. That WILL peel the paint off. I use it for dry flower arrangements.

Becky August 14, 2012 | 1:31 PM

I tried to spray paint a glass jar, but it peeled off. Any advice for this?

Vivek August 09, 2012 | 4:09 PM

These are GREAT ideas!!! Thanks for the inspiration. I think I will use them as glasess next time everyone is home I will put a different color ribbon on each jar for each person. Patio center piece is really cool too. Are you sure you want to wait until you have a house? I can bring jars now!

Roxi May 23, 2012 | 2:24 PM

I absolutely love this idea and am always looking for these simple ideas on Pinterest and other websites. Being a college student, it's hard to find crafts that are easy to do and affordable at the same time. Let alone the the time crunch we're in with jobs and classes. Recently moving into a new place, it has been my goal to collect and turn any empty bottles into new trendy vases and as a decorative piece to spice up the rooms. Lucky for me, I already have the necessities needed for this particular craft while being apart of an active sorority. I've also found that these make for great home gifts or mother's day presents! I love how easy and fun this activity is, especially for the little amount of funding you need to make it all happen! Not only are there solid colors for spray paint, but they now sell metallic colors and even glitter coating to spray over whichever shade you choose. You can get quite creative with something so simple and change it up with different holidays. I've also seen people paper mache their jars and place candles inside that give it a glow through the different shades of color. Either way, you can't go wrong with this fun and easy affordable craft!

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