5 Fun Popsicle stick crafts

Craft With Sticks

Once you are done snacking on your tasty frozen freezer treats, make sure to save the sticks to whip up these fun crafts. Any one of these simple projects can be made in a single afternoon crafting session.

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Popsicle play food

Popsicle® play food

Supplies to make one pretend Popsicle®:

  • Craft felt
  • 1 regular-sized Popsicle® or craft stick
  • Polyester craft stuffing
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue


  1. Cut out two pieces of felt, measuring 2 inches by 5 inches (for the large size). Glue the pieces together on three sides, leaving the bottom seam open for stuffing.
  2. Stuff the rectangle with polyester fiber until firm. Insert one Popsicle® stick into the middle of the rectangle's open bottom and carefully glue into place.
  3. Close the bottom seam around the stick. Trim rounded corners and embellish as desired.
  4. Cut the felt in varying sizes and colors to make different sizes and flavors for your little one to play with.

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