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Staying in touch is important. Kids miss their mom or dad who travels for work, grandparents who live across the country want to see their grandchildren's first steps and couples in long distance relationships miss each other. Don't worry: There's an app for that -- and it's becoming very popular. Keep reading to learn about Tango, an app that allows you to turn your smartphone into a video calling device.

Not long ago, a regular call was the closest you could come to keeping in touch with your friends and family over the phone. When you miss someone you care about, hearing their voice can make all the difference.

But even better than hearing their voice is seeing their face! While technology allowed you to video-chat over your computer, who would have guessed you'd be able to see someone's face and hear their voice perhaps even from the other side of the world -- on your smartphone?

It's time to Tango

Face Time revolutionized video calling on the iPhone, allowing users to talk in real time over their smartphones. In 2010, just months after Face Time launched, Tango burst onto the scene as the only cross-platform video calling service.

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At the time, Tango was available for the iPhone and Android phones. Today, you can video chat with Tango on your iPhone and other Apple products, as well as the Android, your PC or laptop and, most recently, Windows. In fact, tens of millions of people in 190 countries use Tango's video calling service.

User-friendly video calling

While most apps are fairly simple to use, Tango makes sure that everyone from your 5-year-old to your great-grandma can call with ease. It's as simple as downloading the app and registering your cell phone number. There's no need to create a username or password. The Tango app then looks through your phone's address book to find other users who also have Tango.

Evolving technology

A Tango app for Windows was the most recent development by the company that is growing by leaps and bounds. "Using Windows Phone's best-in-class developer tools, the engineers at Tango were able to quickly build and release an app that serves as a great example of the quality apps and games currently available from Windows Phone Marketplace," said Todd Brix, senior director of Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft Corp.

"Video calling is a killer app for mobile, and companies like Tango play a valuable role in extending the potential of our mobile platform, which now includes hardware with front-facing cameras, to enable even greater innovation."

The future of communication

While Tango was originally created for smartphones, the company recognized the need to expand to the PC market and did so shortly before creating an app for the Windows phone. Now one of Skype's largest competitors, Tango is taking over the video calling world, once device at a time.

Tango -- no matter how big it has become -- still has the heart of a small company in touch with its users. The company's marketing director told SheKnows that the best part of the job is receiving emails from users whose days are better because they can keep in touch with loved ones.

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JOHN MANOUSSO July 09, 2013 | 8:48 AM

I used Tango recently on my Iphone to speak with my nephew in Athens, Greece. Altough it is supposed to be free to my dismay when I received my Verizon bill I was charged $50.00 for long distance call. I contacted Verizon and they informed me that sometimes when people are using Tango calls are diverted to their carrier. I need some clarification regarding this matter. If this is true then I should completely disregard Tango.

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