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Hulu Plus or Netflix -- which streaming video service is better? Mashwork found the answer on Twitter, although the real loser is neither Hulu Plus or Netflix! Keep reading for the details.


Rumor has it that Hulu Plus could be for sale and that Google and Yahoo are both showing interest. Of course, all of this talk of Hulu Plus potentially being for sale has people discussing streaming video services. The latest buzz: What's better? Hulu Plus or Netflix?

Don't worry -- while there's not an app for that, there's an infographic to show you which company comes out on top. Mashwork followed the buzz on Twitter and found that while users did have a preference for one streaming video service provider over the other, there's only one big loser. And that's cable.

Of the opinions shared on Twitter and collected by Mashwork, 51% of the people indicated an intention to eliminate cable service because they had both Hulu Plus and Netflix! Compare that to the 20% who subscribed only to Hulu Plus and the 29% who subscribed only to Netflix.

So exactly what data did Mashwork compile? It followed 10,283 tweets "expressing how users prefer to access their T.V. and movies" between June 28, 2010, and July 6, 2011.

Users who preferred Netflix over Hulu Plus indicated that their top reasons were as follows:

  1. Cheaper
  2. Commercial-free
  3. Lag-free streaming

(Mashwork noted that most of these opinions were collected before Hulu Plus dropped their price. Netflix recently announced a price hike that also may change user preference.)

Users who preferred Hulu Plus over Netflix indicated that their top reasons were as follows:

  1. Better mobile apps
  2. Better catalogue
  3. Higher quality

Another interesting finding was the gender breakdown. While Netflix users were nearly balanced in gender (52% males versus 48% female), Hulu Plus users were mostly male (76% male versus 24% female).

Also noteworthy: On June 22, the Hulu Plus Android App was released. Twitter conversation jumped 4,180% -- and 91% of that talk was about cutting cable service.

While this Hulu Plus versus Netflix Twitter talk "study" isn't exactly scientific in nature, social media is where it's at these days. It will be interesting to see what happens with cable in the future, as well as whether Hulu Plus will be sold.

Do you have a preference for Hulu Plus or Netflix? What about cable? Share your preference in the comment section!

(Image source: Mashwork Blog)

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Comments on "Hulu Plus vs. Netflix: Which streaming video provider comes out on top?"

wes December 06, 2012 | 6:58 AM

Yesterday I signed up for the free week of hulu. Why would I pay to watch tv shows with the network bug in the bottom right hand corner and commercial interruption? I haven't had a cable service or regular network television in 2 years. Seeing commercials was awful. No way I will pay for that torture. I disconnected hulu this morning! I have been watching netflix for 2 years, 1000's of movies and 1000's of tv shows, never any commercials and no network bugs in the picture to distract you.

Jean November 26, 2012 | 7:35 PM

I have charter cable and netflix but was thinking of getting rid of cable. The only thing is I LOVE SPORTS - LIVE SPORTS and neither Netflix nor Hulu have them. I really like to be able to watch a series without having to wait a week between each episode. The ads drive me nuts on Hulu though but I figure I have more of a variety of movies to watch.

Honor July 18, 2012 | 8:53 PM

Hulu plus for the giant Criterion collection. But paying for a streaming site and still getting so many ads seems a bit much. Netflix, I have the same complaint as above poster that most movies I type in are DVD only for added charge. I also have to use Amazon for anything Bravo or E! as out here in the middle of MS it is an added tier on cable to even get those guilty pleasure channels. Not worth Direct TV or cable. So for the moment I'd say HULU PLUS is my fave mainly for Criterion films.

Mark May 25, 2012 | 1:35 PM

I have Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Blockbuster. I also pay per view with Vudu. Still much less than Dish was, and I get much more current choices, as well as getting to find choice jems from Netflix's older catalog. Very content, but admittedly not a sports fan which would make my "cutting the cable" problematic.

Jennifer L. April 24, 2012 | 10:37 AM

I have had Netflix for a long time and have been using It and regular TV without Cable. Love using it on TV Computer and ipad. Now after reading this article I think I will try out Hulu+.

Bruce March 26, 2012 | 11:16 AM

Hmmm we were thinking of Dumping Cable to make the switch to streaming, but it appears the internet isnt quite ready to replace coax or fiber just yet...

vellas5 February 28, 2012 | 8:53 AM

My biggest complaint with Netflix streaming is that their content selection is overwhelmed with poorly made indy and foreign films and dare you ask for any movie it always only available on DVD for extra money. I mean - Fargo? DVD only. Entrapment? DVD only. And so on - not just late breaking big films - virtually any film you might think of watching you must join the DVD only. Sad. Very sad.

sheri December 18, 2011 | 9:04 AM

I have both Netflix and Hulu Plus.But only pay for one because of swagbucks has a paypal gift card. I also have a antenna for HDTV that I get great picture with. I do not miss Cable at all and save 85 dollars a month.

Andrew November 23, 2011 | 12:56 PM

For those of you who have either/both Netflix or Hulu+, which service has the most up to date TV shows? Does anyone out there subscribe to both Netflix and Hulu+ so as to compliment one or the other of the services? OR is one subscription sufficient? It looks like a lot of you prefer Hulu+ for it's up to date TV streaming capabilities.

Lindy October 30, 2011 | 4:34 AM

I like Hulu Plus better than Netflix. I've had Hulu Plus for about 2-3 weeks, regular Hulu longer, and am currently in the Netflix free trial. Neither has a really good movie selection. I've already seen most of the more recent movies Netflix has. Most of the TV shows I like that are on Netflix are only on DVD, which I have no interest in, plus they're not current. I've seen American Horror Story through ep. 3 and the pilot of Grimm on Hulu Plus already and they're both new shows. Hulu Plus has all the seasons of many TV shows up to the present time. You can watch ANYTHING from Hulu Plus on your TV with Roku and Playon, even if it says it's only available on the web. I'll be canceling Netflix before the trial ends but plan to keep Hulu Plus.

Debating October 17, 2011 | 3:27 PM

I've had Netflix for nearly 2 years now and used it mainly for TV shows so I enjoyed it. The price change was annoying, but I dropped the DVD option and kept the streaming for the same price. Now I'm considering heading to HuluPlus since Netflix's movie selection is terrible and their TV shows are way behind. Any advice? Does HuluPlus have ANY movie selections?

raymond October 12, 2011 | 5:54 AM

i think it's best to have them both for reasons if you work and missed a tv show then you can watch hulu plus now if you just want to watch a movie then you can watch netflix

The Future October 10, 2011 | 12:12 PM

This is why I use Mixvid free movies free games free music. you cant beat that!

Snitchmo September 21, 2011 | 2:56 PM

Major HuluPlus Pro: They offer current season for TV shows. Netflix only offers last season.

JJ August 14, 2011 | 5:48 PM

Netflix service is far more reliable than hulu plus which frequently stutters, freezes and buffers

Jen August 12, 2011 | 1:52 PM

PRO on HuluPlus which automatically advances to the next episodes. On Netflix you gotta click to advance - that's annoying. I'm going to HuluPlus

Jordan August 04, 2011 | 6:05 PM

In the title, it should read, "...neither Hulu Plus nor Netflix!" not "...neither Hulu Plus or Netlfix!"

Michael Johnson July 23, 2011 | 9:11 AM

Just got a notice from Netflix about plan changes. If I keep what I have now the price is going up to 15.00 (I'm not by the way. I am cutting back the plan to save money) I am going to drop the DVD rental part and just keep the streaming video.

MindlessMinion July 23, 2011 | 8:05 AM

Major Netflix Pro: no ads in their tv shows. This is how it was back when cable tv service first started and how it should be. Major Netflix Con: they put the local dvd rentals out of business with low prices then once the competition was gone jacked up their rates. In most other industries that would be considered an illegal trade practice. Also: Most of the movies are old (like from the 70's and 80's) and low rated that if they were a dvd rental I would never bother to watch. In the case of the few good, big budget, highly rated movies they carry, by the time Netflix gets them I have already seen them on DVD or pay per view. My Netflix service went from $8.99/mo to $16.99/mo in less than one year. I am cancelling before Sept. 2011

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