How To Travel
Like Harry Potter

Let’s face it, after 20 minutes stuck in rush-hour traffic even the anti-magic Dursleys probably find themselves wishing for a flying car. Below are the top five magical modes of travel from Harry Potter -- and why it’s probably a good thing we muggles can’t use them.

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Vanishing cabinet

4Vanishing cabinet

That old black magic cabinet that lets you walk into a wardrobe cupboard in one location and come out in an identical cabinet thousands of miles away.

Why we love it:

Who knows how many hours we waste annually as we journey from here to there? A vanishing cabinet would instantly add extra productive hours to our day.

Why we'll leave it:

The cabinet would be our top pick … if we only had one place to go. Having to lug your vanishing cabinet from work to the gym to the grocery store kind of eliminates the convenience factor.

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Chris July 31, 2012 | 11:28 PM

What about apparating?

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