Live Large,
Spend Small

Live large, spend smallLive large, spend small.

Sounds simple enough, doesn't it? But if you've actually tried it, you know: it's a lot harder to put into practice than you'd imagine.

You can do it

You've heard the adage, "The best things in life are free." Well, we believe that -- but also think that there's still lots of really good stuff that's affordable, if not downright cheap.

Whatever your hope -- whether it's to turn your so-so home into a heavenly haven, if you want the kind of style that suits your inner diva, or your goal is to eat exquisitely each night -- we have tips and tricks, ideas and innovations to help you get there... without breaking the bank!

Luxe home on a budget

Your whole home

  1. Give your home decor some zing for just a little bling
  2. 5 Ways to make your home a sanctuary (on a budget)
  3. Beautiful, soothing indoor fountains
  4. Home on a budgetDecorating with what you have
  5. Cheap, easy ways to turn your home from drab to fab
  6. How to shop for your home on a budget
  7. Five home style tips that cost less than $50
  8. Chic walls on the cheap
  9. Inexpensive decorating & organization solutions
  10. Keep up with the Joneses... on a budget


  1. 5 Ways to budget bathroom decor
  2. 4 powder room makeovers to die for
  3. How to update old fixtures on a budget
  4. Two day bathroom makeover
  5. Bathroom makeovers: Create a spa sanctuary at home


  1. Bedroom makeovers on a $100 budget
  2. 10 Fab finds for the bedroom
  3. Bedroom decorating ideas photo gallery
  4. 5 Kids' room fixes under $20
  5. Baby nursery design on a budget


  1. 10 Budget-friendly ways to decorate your home for summer
  2. Low-budget autumn accessories for home
  3. Small luxuries that make your home cozy
  4. 8 Cheap but stylish holiday decor finds
  5. Cozy home décor: Warm up with textiles


  1. The best outdoor furniture bargains
  2. Inexpensive ways to decorate your patio
  3. 10 Outdoor decorations for less than $20
  4. How to make your backyard a hangout spot
  5. Creating an outdoor oasis on the cheap

Fab (but cheap) Beauty & style

Beauty basics

  1. Budget alternatives to your favorite beauty splurges
  2. Bargain vs Big bucks: Savvy ways to spend less
  3. 8 Best beauty buys
  4. Spa treatments for the girl on a budget
  5. Price points of pretty: Are expensive beauty products better?


  1. MakeupHow to save on hair products
  2. How to get long-lasting hair color
  3. Homemade hair masks
  4. 3 Affordable treatments to nourish hair
  5. Board: Haircare and hairstyles


  1. How to turn your drugstore makeup into luxury beauty
  2. Save or splurge: Eye makeup
  3. 10 cheap must-have beauty products
  4. Do-it-yourself, at-home beauty secrets to save you time and money
  5. How to buy cosmetics from the drugstore

Fashion & style

  1. Designer clothing lines at budget retail stores
  2. Online sample sale websites
  3. 10 Haute designer looks for less
  4. 5 Best budget fashion blogs
  5. How to find designer kids' clothes on a budget

More ways to save & spend smart


  1. 7 ways to save money without sacrificing your lifestyle
  2. money rollHow to turn your "stuff" into cash
  3. Board: Freebies, coupons, contests & ways to save
  4. 6 Online budget and money tools
  5. Freebies, coupons, contests & savings blog


  1. Tips for shopping on a budget
  2. Teaching kids about money
  3. Flea market shopping: Finding hidden treasures
  4. E-Savings: Bargain websites that will save you money
  5. Our favorite coupon sites

More ways to live well for less

Love & romance

  1. 10 Budget date night ideas
  2. Planning a beautiful wedding on a shoestring budget
  3. The perfect cheap date night in
  4. 10 Tips to save money dining out
  5. How to buy good cheap wine



  1. Grilling steak on a budget
  2. 7 tips for saving money at the supermarket
  3. 5 Free things you shouldn't be paying for
  4. Save money on your grocery bill: Psych tricks
  5. Tips for eating out with your family on a budget


  1. Cheap travel: 3 budget-friendly weekend retreats
  2. 9 tips for a budget-friendly vacation
  3. Big fun, small price: 10 Budget-friendly vacation ideas
  4. Cheap travel: 3 budget-friendly weekend retreats
  5. Aloha! Maui on a budget


  1. Budget-friendly fitness: How to get a great body on the cheap
  2. Low-cost fitness gear for your at-home gym
  3. The best at-home workout
  4. 3 Cardio routines you can do without the gym
  5. Get a celebrity body on a budget


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Bhosz July 11, 2012 | 7:04 AM

Depending on how much time you have before hand, you could make your own prtudcos! If you have old scraps of material (such as tshirts etc.) you could make and sew bean bags (like the kind you toss) and fill with beans or rice. Then you could write things like GO GREEN! or something on them with fabric marker. T-shirts don't have to be expensive, you can buy cheap bulk shirts and decorate them yourself, but it could get expensive if you did various sizes. If you wanted to buy and decorate something, I would suggest buying and decorating reusable shopping bags. That way, they could use them instead of taking plastic bags from the store! You could also do fun things for younger kids, like reuse water bottles and fill them with pebbles or rice to make noise makers, and decorating them with ribbons and messages and your school colors. Hope this helps! The possibilities are endless!

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