U.S. Cellular Passes Verizon

AT&T is the worst cell phone carrier, according to a Consumer Reports survey. Who came out on top? The answer might surprise you.

U.S. Cellular is the best cell phone carrier, AT&T is the worst according to Consumer Reports

Can you hear me now?

If you're with AT&T, probably not. The exclusive iPhone carrier was recently voted the worst carrier in a survey of 58,000 Consumer Reports readers.

AT&T: Worst of the worst

AT&T was the only cell phone carrier that significantly dropped in the ratings, according to Consumer Reports. In addition, over half of the respondents that use AT&T use some version of the iPhone.

This is really bad news for AT&T, especially if the Apple iPhone goes to Verizon in 2011.

"Our survey suggests that an iPhone from Verizon Wireless, which is rumored, could indeed be good news for iPhone fans," said Paul Reynolds, Electronics Editor for Consumer Reports.

U.S. Cellular: Passes Verizon Wireless

Consumer Reports said one of the most surprising results of their survey is that U.S. Cellular surpassed the country's largest carrier -- Verizon Wireless -- in overall consumer satisfaction.

U.S. Cellular services 26 Midwestern and Southern states, many of the same as Verizon.

Sprint also gained traction with cell phone users, even inching past Verizon on some customer service aspects.

More on AT&T and U.S. Cellular service

Interested in the rest of the survey results? The comprehensive report is available in the new issue of Consumer Reports, on newsstands now.

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Comments on "Cell phone carriers: U.S. Cellular best, AT&T worst"

TDias December 11, 2010 | 1:21 PM

I cannot believe that any company ranked lower than Sprint. As a current AT&T subscriber, who was forced to switch from my much-loved Helio (after it was bought out first by Virgin Mobile and then by Sprint) to my current carrier, I am completely shocked by the report. I was with Sprint for 14 years and bore witness to the committed slide in service from poor to 'bottom of the barrel,' especially after they shipped their customer service call center to India. While I am not an iPhone user - and do have to deal with dropped calls a lot more often than I ever did during my 2.5 years with Helio, I can say that AT&T makes it easy to get help when you need it, corrects billing errors when necessary, makes it incredibly easy to replace equipment, has a broad selection of phones, and offers a good spread of plans. I'd like a little more variety, but I haven't had any experiences thus far that even come close to the nightmare of Sprint. Not sure if iPhone users are the majority of AT&T customers, but this is surprising if the CR sample is truly representative.

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